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chris 14 Oct 2012 22:34

Cracow, Poland to Idilevo, Bulgaria 22 and 29 October
Hi there
Between 22 and 29 October I’m riding an old Transalp from Germany (near Duesseldorf) to Bulgaria via Cracow in Poland. It’s about 2400km and I’ll ride the first half to Cracow (probably arrive Cracow in the evening of 23 October) in 2 days on motorways. I’ll then slow things down a bit and take 6 days to ride the other 1200 or so km to Bulgaria. The straightest route on Google Maps is at


I’ve driven a van to Romania before and the motorway route through southern Germany/ Austria/ Hungary is deadly dull. Not sure, but ideally there will be less road tolls to pay going via Poland too.

Obviously tripadvisor/ hostelworld/ guidebooks are great for towns and cities, but does anyone have other suggestions for good roads to ride/ sights to see? Hopefully it won’t be too cold.

Anyone (roughly) en route who wants to drink a coffee or beer?


strimstrum 14 Oct 2012 22:58

Me and my good pal Mark rode down to Idilevo in June. We left the German Horizons meeting and headed west to the Czech Republic and I setmy Garmin for all the back roads - brilliant ride through CZ and Slovakia - Hungary was a bit boring as was the first part of Romania (crossed from Hungary at Bekescsaba) - we were on the main road to Arad and realised that we should cut left into the mountains towards Deva and then south to Craiova following the Jui river through some nice scenery.

We crossed the Danube on the ferry at Oryahovo and headed south to Doug & Polly's Motocamp. I loved the village so much that I went back with my wife and bought a house there in September - just got back after spending some time getting it ready for renovation.

Are you heading for the Motocamp ? As far as I know it is closed for the season but Ivo is still there.


chris 14 Oct 2012 23:20

Hi Martin
Many thanks for the route info. Much appreciated.

Yep, stopping at Motocamp. Parking bike there and flying home. Will fly down for Xmas/New Year and head south to Greece for some winter sun (or possibly also Turkey... who knows?) and then park bike at Motocamp again. Next Easter I'll ride the bike north again, probably via Albania/Croatian coast etc.


strimstrum 14 Oct 2012 23:34

Have a good trip Chris.

Some of our trip was posted in my blog - Czech Republic started here Round the World in 80 Ways and can be progressed by clicking "Newer Post" at the foot of each posting.

Give my regards to Ivo & Peach (& Harley the dog)


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