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muppet8mycat 28 Jan 2012 09:08

China here we come
It seems like there are a few people crossing China in May or September, Damn what a pity these dates can't work for me. I will be looking to travel across China from Mongolia to Laos. Departing Ulanbataar between 1st July and 1st August

I am travelling from Mongolia Ulaanbaatar crossing the china border and heading to Laos by bike.
I have a travel company that will arrange all paperwork and an English speaking guide which is a legal requirement when doing a self drive through china. This is quite an expensive option (USD12000, for 30 days) for one person. I am looking to join other travelers crossing china to share this tour option.
I am fairly flexible on dates (leaving Mongolia anytime between 1st July and 1st August) flexible on duration (15 to 35 days, it can be done in 15 days at a push, but depend son what sites you don’t want to see) and will take any route (as long as I get from Mongolia to Laos) a shorter trip will cost a bit less, but I am happy to be flexible.

I’m looking to travel with other bikes or 4x4 the more the merrier. I’ve been told that it can take up to 3 months to get all the paperwork done so let me know asap if you are interested

TravellingStrom 28 Jan 2012 12:27

There is still room in another thread about a group booking, which will save a bucket load of money, but the date is for September, read this thread


The cost is a lot cheaper than what you will pay single, it seems a waste to throw that much away?

If you can massage your travel dates, it may be worth your while


muppet8mycat 29 Jan 2012 17:13

I am certainly looking into this now, ALL depends on my boss allowing me to change dates :(

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