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petcul 15 Aug 2009 18:58

Central Asia - The Stans
Just about to leave tomorrow night on the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. I think I've got all my visas sorted:innocent: but who knows.

I'm heading east through Germany and Poland to the Ukraine fairly quickly, then across Russia to Omsk before dropping down to Almaty and the Stans.

Love to meet up with anybody else on the road for pints or bits of the journey:scooter:

tinker1955 16 Aug 2009 14:51

Hi Were in Romania at the moment, had to pop back to Hungary for a new chain, have a look at our itinerary at www.garthmyzen.co.Uk/china_itinerary. Cheers john

petcul 16 Aug 2009 15:20

John, Hi,

Can't seem to make the link. Keeps on telling me the page cannot be found!
I'm just about to climb on the bike to go to Hull. Tomorrow I'll head as quickly as possible through Germany and Poland to Kiev and then east to Omsk before dropping down to Almaty. I'll keep on checking the thread.



petcul 20 Aug 2009 17:49

Just arrived in Kiev and trying to get the bike serviced. Then on to Russia and eastwards. Still can't make the link to your itinerary.



tinker1955 21 Aug 2009 19:15

Sorry Peter the link is a prob some times. We're in Kherson tonite, will be in Rostov on Don on Monday then 3 days later at Astrachan - 7 days getting to Bishkek for a week in Kryghystan. Getting less wifi (free) and data roaming is killing me. Will pick up mail and posts on sun. Cheers for now John

gs1200mike 22 Aug 2009 17:39

Hi Guys,
Not sure if you are travelling through Atyrau in Kazakhstan but if you are I work here and have an appartment that can be used. Currently being used by a guy I met who had some trouble last year with his bike but will probably be free sometime next week. I have just riden out again on my 1200 Adventure with my wife (our honeymoon). If you are travelling through and need any help or advice or the best drinking establishment! Give me a shout.


tinker1955 23 Aug 2009 19:35

Hiya Mike ta for the offer, I'll get back to you tomorrow (mon) when we're into Russia and have a better idea of dates. Thanks again John

petcul 1 Sep 2009 15:37

Hi guys and gals,

Currently languishing in the dream city of Astana. Just spent two days at the side of the road, fortunately there was a truckers caff nearby, with an ailing bike. Hoping the can fix it here and DON'T need spare parts from Germany.

As soon as I'm mobile again I'm heading for Almaty, a day at most, and then on to Kyrgystan and hopefully continue my journey into Tajikstan.

I'll keep in touch.


samolapraga 2 Sep 2009 03:16

Hello Peter,
We are two romanian bikers in Kazachstan currently in Semey and going to Almaty. Drop me a line here, or sms at +77777494069 and maybe we can meet along the way, as we plan to camp at lake Balkash or meet directly in Almaty.
Alex & Mark

PS We are also having some technical problems, and we will be looking for bike workshops in Almaty

petcul 2 Sep 2009 05:27

Hi Guys,

There's a guy called Denis in Almaty who runs a bike workshop. Don't know his telephone number but if you contact David Berghof of Stantours he will know.

I hope I'm back on the road soon and will SMS or contact you through this thread.

Mobile number is 00447786627000. I can send SMSs and receive them and receive calls - expensive - but not make calls.


petcul 15 Sep 2009 07:29

Currently in Bishkek and trying to get a Russian visa. Hope to be heading south in the next few days to Osh, Tajikstan and the Pamir Highway. Anybody heading that way?

petcul 1 Oct 2009 14:25

Lost my mobile so out of contact with Mark, Alex and Mihi. Now in Dushanbe for tonight and tomorrow at the Vakhsh Hotel.

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