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SergioSousa 24 Aug 2010 22:40

Carretera Euskadi - My summer big ride
I and a friend of mine will be doing about 2000km on a round trip from Porto, Portugal crossing the northern spain mountains till Pirineus and back home by the center of the iberic peninsule.
Hopefully my 1985 BMW R65 wont give me any headaches, but I will bring a lot of tools just in case.

I think we will ride for some of the best mountain roads of this area... if there are any spanish (or foreign) members that would like to give some tips, please be my guest.
I will start riding next Tuesday :)

A small blog we started to let our friends know how things are going (sorry it is in portuguese):
Carretera Euskadi

(my friend will be riding a GS1150)



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