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McGowan 24 Jan 2005 21:50

Cardiff to Rome - a long weekend.
Hey, I am looking to put some miles under my belt and someone I havn't seen in a while is in Rome at the moment. I suspect that I am likely to ride down to see her at the end of march/beginning of april for a couple of days.

You see my perfect opportunity here? An excuse to ride!

Anyway, never done any long distance riding before so I dont really want to go it alone. If anyone fancies a ride or is heading in that direction at that time then let me know Some good views from those mountains in easter as the snow melts.

tophatonaharley 4 Feb 2005 13:45

hi there, what bike will you be rideing? were abouts in the uk going from? i was thinking of doing that ride but in may time no a harley or gsxr1000 like to know about your plans. thanks tophatonaharley.

McGowan 4 Feb 2005 15:17

My plans have actually changed slightly since I posted. I've added another 300km's to the trip by writting in a visit to stuttgart, germany. Anyway my plan is thus... (keep in mind I don't have a leave/return date yet)

Basically going to leave early one day, stop in one of the cafes in Cardiff for a good british breakfast and then head down to dover, cath the dover to boulogne(sp?) which is £50 return with speedferries.com Then ride about half the distance to Stuttgart before catching some rest in either a cheap hotel/motel style thing or in a tent. Next morning ride on to stuttgart and meet up with some friends there for a day. Again ride half the distance to rome, sleep, rest of the way. Day or 2 in rome, return home via france again probably need a stop over.

I'm on a CB250 that'll cruise around 65-70 (if the kickstand will stay up) quite happily but wont really push beyond that.

I won't be able to go any other time as I have commitements with uni and work. If You could go during the easter break that'd be cool though.

tophatonaharley 8 Feb 2005 02:43

hi there i think i could go on good friday, how long are you going for and how far do you plan to ride in a day rome is about 1200ms one way ill be up for that but i do not do the tent bit.i have not done any long rides like this befor but i think i will be up for it during easter,if you have a plan and times cost let me know, thanks tophatonaharley will be going on harley so 70mph max

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