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Loader 15 Jun 2012 19:28

Cape Town to London, East Coast summer 2012
I'm gonna do the East Africa route in a few weeks. Startin in Cape Town, i'll be heading through namibia and then moving over to do the eastern route and dealing with the details of the Africa/Europe crossing a bit closer to the time.

I'm riding on my own so i thought i'd see if anyone else is doing the same kinda thing at the same kinda time and might like to meet up to tackle a bit of the route together and share a beer or two in the evenings ??

I'm waiting on some of the paperwork at the moment so i haven't got a set departure date but i'd like to be on the road by 1 july.

Any takers?

Cheers. Loader.

catch22 16 Jun 2012 06:54

Hi Loader,

Going down same route and leaving august15.
Would be sad to cross without a beer.
Send me a mail and we'll stay in touch.
Drive safe------------geert

omar mansour 16 Jun 2012 13:29

meet you in Egypt
hi Loader ,Catch 22
so perhaps we can meet in Egypt ,(do live there ) so if you both need any help let me know
there is a new ferry now between Port Said ,Egypt ,and Mersin ,Turkey
cheers and ride safe always

larrysimpson 19 Jun 2012 16:48

Hi Loader,
I am leaving South Africa mid-Sept and going east route as far as Ethiopia, not sure if I will go further into Egypt or backtrack a bit and circle Lake Victoria and return to SA along west side. Would be nice to meet somewhere.
Larry (R100GS)

Loader 19 Jun 2012 19:07

Cheers Omar, nice of you to offer help.

Yes i saw that the ferry has started up again. Although i've heard that its seasonal and may not still be running by the time i get up there in November(ish)..

I could also ride through Libya and get the ferry up to Italy, but the only visa available at the border at the moment is a business Visa and they ain't cheap! but its pretty much the same cost as the turkey ferry..... So i'll wait and deal with the situation closer to the time..

So maybe we could meet up for a tea and kushari or something!

Warning... i may be rather dusty by the time i get to Alex!

cheers. Loader

Loader 19 Jun 2012 19:14

Alright Larry..

I'm planning on taking a few detours on my already indirect route so you may well catch me up! I'm hoping to loop Victoria too. And i'm also planning to head north into Ethiopia up by Turkana if i can..

I'll be on a GS Dakar.. you can follow my progress to see if you're getting closer at
Cape Town To Camden Town | A motorbike mission from South Africa to London

Hope to catch you on the road somewhere..

larrysimpson 21 Jun 2012 01:40

Hi Loader,

I biked in South Africa and Lesotho before, on a BMW 650GS and in Ethiopia on a XT600. All are great biking. I am doing this one with my son who will be on a DR650. We still have to make final shipping arrangements, get carnet, get some bike parts/spares, etc. etc. By the way, what are you doing for insurance in Africa? When I did my South America trip two years ago I was able to get in-country insurance at each border crossing but not sure about Africa.
On our circle Lake Victoria part we may shoot up to South Sudan on a side-trip too as far as Juba or so. If the way was clear would love to go across Central African Republic to Cameroon if feasible/safe. We will have 3-5 months so flexible. Looks like we are just going up as far as Ethiopia and doing the circle and some of west side on way back to JoBurg to return to Canada.
Yes lets keep in touch.
Green Point is nice part of Cape Town to stay in with some affordable guesthouses, and also a ride to the bottom of the continent from CT is a spectacular day-trip to start things off right.
Larry larrynunavut at hotmail dot com

Loader 21 Jun 2012 02:01

Hi Larry, Check out COMESA for insurance info..

I'm stuck sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting on paperwork at the moment. Pretty annoying as i really wanna get out there!

Loader 30 Jun 2012 21:58

Im down in CT now and will be meeting my new girlfriend, Miss Dakar 2001, on monday. Gonna do some test drive/ tourist stuff for a couple of days, then head North to namibia!

A couple of people have emailed, hopefully a few of us will be able to ride together. If anyone else is riding around down here at the moment, or soon, drop me a line if you wanna team up for tough bit or meet up for a beer!


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