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Crazylegs 15 Apr 2009 14:06

Cambodia Route 66 from Siem Reap - end of the weekanyone?
Hi all,

I'm heading over to Siem Reap tomorrow for a few days, then looking to ride back east the scenic route via Route 66 (before the rumour of them tarmacing it comes true?).

Anyone in Cambodia fancy it leaving 19th April?
...and yes I am a big girls blouse not wanting to ride it solo as I don't know what condition it's in........

Cheers all

Robbert 15 Apr 2009 21:56

Not me, but its a great ride.

In December there was still some water and one makeshift bridge to cross. Now I guess it'll be pritty sandy.

What bike are you on?

Crazylegs 16 Apr 2009 19:52

On a Honda 250
On an XL 250 so should be good in sand, the only issue I have is tank range.... maybe.....

But now in Siem Reap and linking into some local ex-pat riders telling me about sand... and even met a couple of guys from Iceland on the road who are Hubbers, and doing a big trip...

Just working out if they can make the 66 on DRZ650s with the wieght and tyres they have....

Still, going to do the temple and toursity stuff for a day or two and atke it from there.....

Hows the bridge for weight? or can we circumnavigate?


Robbert 16 Apr 2009 22:41

You might be able to get around now. I couldn't in december. I 'rode' over it with an XR250. slowly slowly.

You're tank range should be sufficient. What exact route do you plan?
I don't think the DR650's will have problems along the road. If I where to cross that makeshift bridge on a heavy loaded bike, I would consider carrying the luggage over though.

I thought the temples at Ta Seng where about the best in Cambodia. It's quite over there. No Tourists.

I used this map on my GPS:

The tracks are very accurate. Really helpful!


Crazylegs 17 Apr 2009 17:31

Thanks for the info Robbert, we are heading off early doors on Sunday morning.
Put in touch with Carlos at the X bar by Tony from Two Wheels Only for some local ex-pat rider info, and over to Siem Reap Dirtbikes tomorrow to finish fettling the bike and he is going to point us in the right way, apparently there is a paralell sand track south of 66 we don;t want to take with the two big bikes, but we;ll be OK on the áctual' 66.

Looking forward to the run, and the non touristy temple; I'll get one of the lads to look at your GPS map link tomorrow (as I'm a bit old fashioned and don't have the tech...)

Thanks again

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