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aadal 8 Jan 2013 20:33

California - Venezuela April to June 2013
I'm planning a ride from California, where I will be landing about late march, after that I will probably take a small tour of Cali.
After this the plan is to ride south crossing to Mexico around first of April.
Then see some sights, along the way till I hit Panama, where I have booked a transport leaving 16th of may.
A bit of time in Cartagena and visit relatives in Columbia/Venezuela and then I will try to make my flight back from Caracas early June.
Here's a map:
google map..
Planned bike is KLR 650 i hope.
I'm looking for people to join me, or me joining you. Would be nice to have some company, even some of the way.
About myself...
35 male, Danish, speak Spanish/English/German(rusty), and still like a bit of bier ...

Start place Phoenix 21/3
Bike is a suzuki 650 v-strom
End flight 8/6 from Venezuela

fritzsampson 21 Feb 2013 17:48


Originally Posted by aadal (Post 406917)
Then see some sights, along the way till I hit Panama, where I have booked a transport leaving 16th of may.


How did you book transport? Are you using Garig Air or going on the slow boat to Cartagena? I turned right at Panama City in 2008 and ended in Ushuaia Argentina. I would now like to turn left and take the back road through Venezuela to Brazil.


aadal 21 Feb 2013 18:26

Sv: California - Venezuela April to June 2013
Grüß Gott Fritz :)
I booked slow boat from panama to catagena "ms independence"
Sounds like a nice trip. Crazy, if by back road you mean from Puerto Ayacucho to Santa Elena via logging road through the amazon, a trip I'd like to do one day ;)

fritzsampson 21 Feb 2013 21:11

Estimado Anders

Guten Tag. Buenos Dias. How the Hell are Ya!

I lived in the Orinoco in 1969 and 1970 and raced motocross. I took the military road to the Guyana border in 1970. But I do not know the names of towns into the Amazon. I am sure you are right on the route, and it would be fun to take the trip from Ciudad Bolivar to Manaus, but not in the rainy season. And you will be arriving during the rainy season. I think October to January is best.

But tell me how you booked the passage from Panama to Colombia in advance. When I was last in Panama in 2009 there were travelers just searching for a boat. Nothing seemed to be organized. Just interested how you found the boat and booked passage.

Enjoy California. Spend some time in Guatemala if you can. There are great hostels in Antigua (Black Cat was very nice). There is also Dave at CATours who can give great advice about getting around Central America. You may never leave Costa Rica. It is pricey, but oh so nice.


aadal 21 Feb 2013 21:25

Sv: California - Venezuela April to June 2013
www.independence-ms.com/ send them an email for schedule and reserve a spot :)
Nice info I tend to use most time in just those 2 countries :D

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