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callum101 17 Aug 2011 15:30

Cairo to Cape Town January 2012
Hey everyone. Im planning my first big trip this January, heading along the length of Africa on the east coast route. Im going to be motorbiking starting in Egypt, then the Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, then finishing in South Africa.
The plan is to take my time and not rush the trip, so I have seven months to do this, returning around August 2012 for the start of university. However I get my results tomorrow, so if it turns out I'm not going to uni, I will probably carry on biking.
Im only on a Honda CBF 250 as my license is still restricted, but I'm told you can tour on anything really so I'm sure its up to the challenge.
Im doing this on a very minimal budget, being 18 (19 when I leave) and only having a weekend job. However saving for the last year and a half means I can definitely afford a trip like this, providing its not in luxury and mostly consists of camping.
So far I'm going on my own, so some company would be great for any length of the journey. Im very flexible with the route, if anybody has alternative suggestions.
Thanks for reading, hopefully hear from some of you, otherwise its going to be a lonely 7 months.

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