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gaznev2000 15 Feb 2011 08:06

Buenos Aires to Patagonia (treking) to Santiago and beyond (Starting July)
Hi all. I fly into BA on July 25th and I'm planning to buy a bike. I will then ride SW to Patagonia and do the Fitz Roy Trek, starting El Calafate where I will store the bike. After the trek i will travel back to El Calafate via bus and pick up the bike. I will then head to the border and into Chile and up2 Santiago I will then decide what to do from there maybe Bolivia, Peru then Brazil and down to Rio. With some treking on the way.

Let me know if you are up for it.


MountainMan 15 Feb 2011 17:27

Hey Gary,

Not sure if you are aware of this, but it's pretty cool and wet down El Calafate way in July. I was there at that time of year a few years back and it was pouring cats and and dogs in town and there was not a tourist to be found as it was off season.

It's probably hopping in prime climbing season which I would guess is around December/January. I may be wrong, but I doubt anyone is doing that hike at that time of year. It's a weather magnet so 50km east it may be lightly overcast but in town and at the park it will be socked in by cloud, which it can be for long periods at the best of times.

As for crossing into Chile and riding up, you would have to keep an eye on the weather for snow on the pass. You can ride on the east side of the mountains in Argentina as that's the dry side of the Andes, the weather systems drop all/most of their precipitation on the west side when they roll in off the ocean. I'd check the average precip for the towns/cities on the Chilean side at that time of year and decide whether it's not too bad or whether to ride up the dry Argentian side which can be cold, but certainly drier.


dolickc 16 Feb 2011 02:01

Hi Gary,

One must also assume that you have read the posts on the HUBB about the logistics involved in buying and more importantly, operating a moto in ARG and Chile. This comment assumes that you are from somewhere other than ARG. of course.
Good luck with your plans and the big weather you are sure to meet! Cool trip.


bigalsmith101 16 Feb 2011 04:59

Something to consider.
My friend Tom and I (Alex) will likely be well on our way into South America by July, Keep us posted when you arrive. Your plans sound ambitious to say the least. Average temp is 30*F (-1*C) in July, only 8 hours of day light. Maybe we'll see you down there!

Average El Calafate Temperatures
------------------High Low----- High Low
---------------------(*F)----------- (*C)on High °F Low °F High °C Low °C
January---------65--- 45------ 18 ----7
February -------65--- 45------ 18 ----7
March -----------61--- 42------ 16---- 6
April -------------54----37------ 12---- 3
May -------------45---- 32------ 7----- 0
June -------------41--- 28------- 5-----2
July --------------39--- 27------- 4-----3
August---------- 43--- 29------- 6-----2
September -----50--- 33------- 10--- 1
October ---------56----37------- 13--- 3
November------ 61---- 41------ 16 ----5
December ------64-----44------ 18----- 7

gaznev2000 18 Feb 2011 08:35

My dad always told me to be ambitious
Hi All, thanks for your posts. yeah I did anticipate there being a few weather issues but I arrive in August (well 27 July) and was going to spend a few months travelling through Argentina maybe getting into Patagoniaaround October, hopefully just in time for the trekking season which I think starts in November.

Also thanks for the advice Dolocka , I have read everything that I can on buying a bike. It’s a nightmare in Argentina. I am thinking about buying a Florida registered bike in BA and transferring the title over to my name, I just need to find a friend in Florida to send the title to so they can overnight it to me in BA. So Just a small problem.
Now if I could only buy a device to change the weather.

And finally to Alex, It would be really good to meet and maybe ride together. Are you bringing your bikes down from the US or buying in SA.


bigalsmith101 18 Feb 2011 09:33

Riding bikes down
Hey Gary,

My friend and I are leaving Seattle the first week of April. We will be well into South America buy the time you arrive in late July. We're riding DR650's. Send me a P.M. any time and we can hopefully meet up. We are not on a deadline or schedule, so anything is likely to fly with us. We are also very outdoor oriented as well. Hiking sounds awesome.


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