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rauleloy 25 Sep 2007 02:03

Buenos Aires-Pantanal-Amazonas-Caribbean. Someone?
I am argentine and start the trip on 12/17/2007. My bike is a 250 cc. My English is poor. I am 52 years old. I think cross Paraguay, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Rondonia, Amazonas, Roraima and hit Venezuela in 30 days, approximately. I traveled in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and , of course Argentine. I like the country zone and dislike big citys. Write me if some chance. Saludos

*Touring Ted* 26 Sep 2007 11:57

Hola !

Debe assistir a la reunión en viedma en diciembre. Usted satisfará a muchos viajeros allí


I will be there :D

rauleloy 26 Sep 2007 22:09

Hi Ted
I can´t go to Viedma. I am a teacher and start my vaccancy on 12/14/2007 and fly to north. I wish you good luck in SA. Saludos

Homer Susan 30 Sep 2007 06:13

Buena suerte Raule!
Saludos Rauloy, Your English is fine! No worries.

Conosco gente de motos en Belem, Manaus y Puerto la Cruz. Puedes me email cuando estas cerca los lugares y voy a te ensenar los numeros de telephono.
y Vas a Brazilriders de la internet. Hay muchos amigos nuevos para ti.


Vorteks 30 Sep 2007 23:13

Hello Raule,

My bike is in Formosa right now in a motoquero club garage (bastardos de formosa) and i plan to get back there by the end of the year. My girl friend will be in Isla Margarita in January for 2 month, so i was thinking to ride the bike up there.

Seems like your plans might suit mine for the date as well as the destination. I did have to speak a few words of spanish after spending 7 month in Argentina last year, even tho i might have lost my porteno accent over time :helpsmilie:

Entonces, si quieres, podemos viajar conjuntos. Que rota prefieras? Puedes hablar Portugues?



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