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momirj 13 Jun 2005 05:57

Budapest to NordKapp and back 23.07.-07.08.
Two guys from Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) two bikes (1150GS and VARADERO). Route: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Denmark, West cost of Norway, on a way back most probably Sweden but we may do Finland and hop on a ferry (depends on 'butt condition', price and timing).

If you are on the route in this period, give us a sign, we may hook up, have a drink, or even ride some section together.

Any advice more then welcome.

momirj 16 Jul 2005 07:14

Unfortunate change of plan. I'll be travelling alone still from Budapest to NordKapp and back but heading North via Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland.

AnteK 20 Jul 2005 01:01

Have a nice ride ! Count that Norway is way more scenic and beautiful than boring Sweden, so take way back route through Norway and explore fjords and mountains area, and Lofoti too.


momirj 13 Aug 2005 04:38

Mission completed. 8500 km, 12 days, 12 countries. Fantastic solo ride (BMW 1150GS). Finland and Norway are just gorgeous for ride. I strongly recommend it.

seanh 13 Aug 2005 08:14

What is the cost of travelling up there? (fuel, accomodation, vodka) I'm thinking of heading that way soon. Also was there any documentation needed to cross borders with a motorcycle?

XRM 15 Aug 2005 19:42

Just back from Norway - we travelled from the UK, only carried the ownership documents and insurance for the bike. Fuel is around 11 NKr per litre. Alchohol is criminally expensive around 50 NKr per 330 ml for beer (bar prices). Was speaking to an Aussie who almost took the pledge !! Food expensive - example Burger King twice the price of UK, main course in good hotel around 300 NKr. We pre booked the accommodation with the ferry company. Tunnel on road to Nordkapp about 110 NKr for bike plus passengers, entry to Nordkapp approx 180 NKr per person.

.. no gods .. precious few heroes.

seanh 16 Aug 2005 02:16

petrol 11 Nkr/litre, alcohol 50 Nkr/330 ml ?
That makes the grog about 14 times more expensive!
Is petrol sniffing frowned upon in Norway?

momirj 16 Aug 2005 04:37

Oh come on guys. High price of petrol and even higher price of alcohol could not match with the pleasure of riding in Norway. After all, with the fuel consumption of 'modern' bikes it does not make much of a difference. (can judge on alcohol, as consumption of 'modern' bikers can bi very different).
Yes, the accommodation and food at hotels is very expensive, but there are alternatives, especially in Norway. I'm not talking about camping in the middle of nowhere, which is by the way allowed (you just have to be more then 150m from nearest house, and you cant stay for more then two nights). In Scandinavia, they developed (and they did it fine) so called CABIN nased tourism. It's a small wooden room (rather then house), with several beds and small kitchen. No electricity, no water (you have to use the common bathroom, which is usually very, very good). However, you can find a three star cabins, with the bathroom, and I guess satellite TV, but most common are 'naked'. You can get one for 15 EUR.
If you put all the figures together you will find out that yes it is more expensive then riding in your neighborhood, but who said biking is cheap. But, and in this case it's an enormous BUT, the pleasure is remarkable. Can't be measured in price of petrol or alcohol, you have to see it to believe it.

I'll give you few hints. No highways, or better to say insignificant mileage. Perfect tarmac, twisty roads, scenic views, very disciplined drivers, waste majority not speeding (90 km/h - I haven't seen a single Police car not to mention radar or anything similar). But the best part of it, that it is a huge country, and it is definitely not a tourist destination (unlike Alps, France, Spain and other maybe cheaper but incomparable destination). No crowded roads, no problems / frustrations to find accommodation (90% of tourists are in their caravans, so they are not a competition). I haven't book anything in advance which gave me a full freedom of choice, and I did not have a single problem finding the accommodation.
And as an icing on a cake, I was doing an average of 700km per day, and it was easy, no problems at all. (to set the record straight, I'm not a lunatic not "Iron but" competitor, I am just an ordinary guy with the regular office job in front of the computer). The reason is simple. I enjoyed every single kilometer, hairpin, tunnel, view, lake, waterfall, and all of then somehow unspoiled.

I'll go and ride there again, that is for sure.

[This message has been edited by momirj (edited 15 August 2005).]

[This message has been edited by momirj (edited 15 August 2005).]

XRM 16 Aug 2005 15:45

mamirj - I wasn't moaning, simply responding to a request for information from seanh. I agree with you, and wouldn't have missed the trip. The further north we went the better I liked it.

If you want to find out what's out there, there is always a cost, every time I leave the UK I am faced with a ferry journey.

.. no gods .. precious few heroes.

momirj 16 Aug 2005 18:27

All clear XRM. I just wanted to 'balance' your facts.
Otherwise, a potential traveler may be discouraged, and would, as we both agree, miss a lot.

seanh 17 Aug 2005 08:30

I don't think expense would discourage me, but might cause me to ride a bit faster. I've always worked on the theory of taking my time in cheap countries and riding faster through expensive ones.
Biking doesn't have to be expensive, there are plenty of ways to reduce your budget when travelling (ie camping, which sounds like the way to go in Norway), but you can't get around fuel price unfortunately.

seanh 17 Aug 2005 08:32

I think i'll stockpile my vodka in Lithuania.

thecanoeguy 22 Aug 2005 06:51

i have just been in norway for three great weeks ,i paid only once for accommodation as it is expensive, its like a pleasure tax there as the scenery and the girls are both gorgeous the local hospitality was fantastic and i was taken in by people on plenty of occasions and it helped my liver as i just did not drink much the roads there are nothing short of amazing and i would go back again for sure a good hint for the budget conscience is canned ravioli and for some reason ,roast chickens in the supermarket are cheap

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