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maja 13 Sep 2012 00:35

being a cheapskate
Hi People, crossing into Brazil tomorrow at Iguazu then heading north up to the Pantanal for whatever a safari is called in Portuguese. Anyone interested in buddying up for cost effectiveness and beer drinking? Those with a strong altruistic bent will be given preference. Ride safe.

markharf 13 Sep 2012 06:08

Hey Mike, I rode west and then north through Paraguay before cutting back into Brazil at the obvious spot enroute to southern Pantanal. Worth thinking about if you don't need a visa (I did, but got it in B.A.). Nice folks, cheaper than Brazil, and not a lot of other overland riders--like none, in fact.

Don't know that there's any way to see the Pantanal cheaply, but definitely worth going. Do as many boat trips/walks/game drives as possible, and try your best to believe them when they tell you that these particular piranhas don't generally eat swimming humans.



GEORDIE1941 14 Nov 2012 19:15

Latest from Anster
Hello Mike, I'll give you an update on how things are at present. Rode the K1200LT across the southern US with my wife on the back, and she enjoyed it! I had visions of having to put her on a train or something half way across. Went right down to Key West then back up to Miami, left the bike at the shippers and flew home from there. Bike arived at Felixstowe, and I went down on the train and drove it home. (In one day!) Now sitting in garage, taxed and licensed, along with the K1200GT I shipped back a couple of years ago. One will have to go, 2 bikes is one too many for me. Wondering whether I should drape the LT with lights and join the gold wing crowd at the parade along the folly on 7th December?! Hope you are having a good time, and be safe out there. Geo.

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