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Moflow 27 Feb 2004 00:04

Baja and beyond
I'm just about to start my Baja adventure. I'll be crossing into Baja in the next day or so depending on the weather. I'll head all the way to Cabo, then take the ferry at La Paz back to the mainland. My trip will take me to Costa Rica eventually. Any one else in the area heading south at this time? I'll be riding a blue KLR with Quebec plates.

TerryMoto 28 Feb 2004 09:43

I'm also going to be crossing into Baja soon. I'm in San Diego right now, and am taking a dirt MSF course this Saturday (in Irvine).

I'll probably cross the border heading south on Feb 29th or Mar 1st. I'll be heading the same route, taking the ferry from La Paz to the mainland.

Final destination is towards the southern end of South America. Destinations, route, and time frame is flexible and relaxed. 6 months allocated.

I'm riding a Blue KLR650, with New York plates.

Perhaps we can meet up on the way some where, or we will cross paths.


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