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jophiel 7 Nov 2008 13:14

Australia & New Zealand from february '08 and 6 months on
Hey there

I found this wonderful site while researching my trip, and how lucky that is since I was considering finding a travelbuddy. The plan is:

Leave Denmark on the 12th of february and fly to Adelaide. Possibly with a stopover in bangkok or thailand for a week or two.
Buy a motorcycle in Adelaide
Cruise down the Great Ocean Road
Travel north along the coast, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, and ending up in Cairns, selling the bike or shipping it to NZ.
The above should take three months
Then, three months in New Zealand, possibly, but not confirmed, on a bike.

About me:
I'm an entirely inexperienced biker of 24 years of age, having taken my license only two months ago. I haven't been riding since, so this trip won't involve off-roading and the likes.
I'm laid back, but adventurous, and I'm doing the trip on a shoestring.
My first time travelling alone was 7 years ago, hitch-hiking through Europe for three weeks. I haven't been "adventure" travelling much since, but I have a healthy dose of common sense and a pleasant disposition.

You're welcome to check out my blog at My Travelogue to get a sense of me.

If you're interested in joining me for part of the trip, or have any questions, please drop a reply, or mail me at jophiel@gmail.com

All the best

NZ is now confirmed to be on a bike.
Additionally, I've turned the whole thing around, going to Christchurch, NZ first in mid january, then Adelaide, Australia mid April.

PocketHead 8 Nov 2008 00:22

mate you're crazy not to go off-roading in Australia... it's probably less dangerous than riding on the road anyway. Purchase a DR650 (they're ultra-cheap here) and just let loose. Some advice is not to ride at night or in the wet whenever can be avoided but that applies to riding in general.

Also in Australia don't walk through long grass when in rural areas especially if you are near water on a hot day and another thing (also in rural areas) check under the toilet seat before sitting down lol.

jophiel 9 Nov 2008 09:48

well, considering that I have absolutely zero riding experience, I won't take my chances with off-road riding.

Maybe towards the end if I feel comfortable with it then.

Wilky 10 Nov 2008 05:50


Originally Posted by jophiel (Post 214470)
well, considering that I have absolutely zero riding experience, I won't take my chances with off-road riding.

Maybe towards the end if I feel comfortable with it then.

Tasmania!!!!! don't forget Tasmania, it's better than australia (hmmm says I who now resides near Port Macquarie and miss the roads back home)


jophiel 10 Nov 2008 07:39

O I'm definitely going to tasmania!

I have to see if there are any more beautiful women down there, or whether our crown prince stole the only one :)

dkmoose 10 Nov 2008 21:58

Oz/NZ 2009
Hi Jophiel,

I'm thinking of doing some time in OZ/NZ starting about March 2009. It is all dependent on whether I find another job - I finish this one on 28th Feb.

Your blog says you leave Denmark on 12 Jan, but on here you say 12 Feb. Also interesting to hear you like RIDE FAR. I know Mark and gave him some advice before he left. I did the same route 2006/2007.

And if you're wondering about my name 'dkmoose', I spent 5 years living in Denmark, then went travelling, returned to England and am now working in US.

We should stay in contact and I will let you know how my plans progress.


jophiel 13 Nov 2008 15:11

Hi Martin, Good to hear from you :)

The typo is in this thread, not my blog. I'm leaving mid-january, prefferably the 12th, but that depends on the ticket.

According to my calculations (which are by no means accurate, I won't know 'til I get there) I'll be between Sydney and Brisbane by march, but write me when you know more about your trip.

I've sent you an email with my mail.

BaldBaBoon 14 Nov 2008 14:34


Im out in Oz and New Zealand from November this year until May next year,no set route or timetable to stick to so i should have the chance to meet up.

Flying out on the 16th, so I will keep an eye on the forums nearer to when you are arriving.


jophiel 15 Nov 2008 10:05

There's been a change of plans concerning the route. I'll start out with New Zealand in january, THEN get to Australia in mid-april.

@BaldBaBoon: which means I'll still be in Australia when you're there. We'll see if we're in the same area :)

Keith1954 15 Nov 2008 11:21

Got your Kiwi route sorted out yet?
Hi Jophiel - Can you see yourself getting to South Island (NZ) - the Christchurch area in particular - around February 20,21,and 22? Because there's a Full HU Meeting going on at that time. See this thread for more details.

Starting from Queenstown, I'll be riding around SI and then up to Auckland, and Northland beyond, for 4-5 weeks from February-14. Maybe we'll see each other on the road during that time.


jophiel 15 Nov 2008 19:23

no guarantees, but I hardly think that could be any more convenient!

I'm landing in Christchurch mid january and roaming the south island for 1½ month before heading North, so there's a good chance I'll be able to get there.

But as I said, no promisses since my route isn't locked down yet. (and won't be completely 'til I've driven it :) )

tenere_rider 16 Nov 2008 11:38

Dane Aid Program
Hi Jophiel

I have orders from Statdawg to look after you! :thumbup1: Hi Chris! I toured part of the US back in June and July 2008... and it was made possible with the HUBB network we have here. I live in Adelaide, South Australia, most tourists use here as a starting point to the inland "Outback" which does get a bit hot uo until April, I mean temperatures in the high 40's and with long stretches between fuel , shade and water stops.... might I suggest a route which stays to the coast which has some relief from the heat... . I can pick you up from the airport, 10 minutes away, let you stay here in the spare room, I can help you look for a suitable bike and get it set up. Whatever you pick, I can show you some maintenance basics, like air filter, oil changing, chain care, tyre changing, tool kit assembly, and sensible low cost riding gear. I have a couple of Kawaskai KLR 650s, and an XTZ 600 Yamaha Tenere too, so I can advise you well on them and similar bikes. If you pick a Kwaka 650 or a Suzie DR650 you can get a newer model bike, and a little more reliable...but mine are not for sale. Let me know what kind of bike you want... that choice depends on where you intend to take it, as in highway or dirt roads... and the twin versus single thumper choice has been done to death in the forums here, and pretty well too, so read the advice! You say a shoestring budget, so a single is a probably the way to go. Those 22 litre big tanks are good for 320kms or so, although your bladder, legs, bum, back or tummy will make you stop before the fuel runs out!!! You can take a look at the Trading Post, Adelaide, South Australia for an idea of what you get for your money. That's what I did on the US Craigslist, I must have looked at a hundred bikes before I finally bought a low mileage bike in Michigan US from here in Australia! And then I made some side metal tube frames and boxes, then shipped them across to the bike, then flew there, registered the bike, rode to a technology students conference in Orlando FL, met the Tennessee wife :icon16:, then back up to Pennsylvania. An International Liscence is recognised here, and you can use my address if you need to have an admin base for the rego. :scooter: Let me know, all the best. My email is stevieobr@hotmail.com


jophiel 16 Nov 2008 17:10

Hi Steve

I'm flabbergasted by your offer, and I'd very much like to take you up on it!

I'll send you a mail.

Speaking of which, is there anyone here from New Zealand who could help me out a bit with a used bike purchase in Christchurch around mid january? I'm not really capable of telling whether I'll get a good offer, and I'd very much like someone to look over my shoulder while I'm inspecting potential purchases.

jophiel 18 Nov 2008 13:04

And by flabbergasted I mean "very pleasantly surprised indeed!"

English is not my native language.

clintnz 19 Nov 2008 02:19

Hi mate, like Oz, NZ has a lot of easy gravel roads & something like a DR650 is cheap, common & makes a great bike to explore on. Check out the Kiwibiker Adv forum too:

Adventure/Dual Purpose Bikes - Kiwi Biker forums

You may have better luck there finding someone to help you with a bike purchase. If you haven't seen it already www.trademe.co.nz is a popular auction site & will show you what bikes are available & at what price.

For some inspiration check out the NZ ride reports index on Advrider:

Local ride report links - ADVrider

Get in touch when you're in the central North Is / Bay of Plenty area & we may be able to meet up for a ride &/or beer. There is space for you to camp in my garden if you like :biggrin3:


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