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davidsmotorcycletravels 15 Aug 2012 07:43

AUS to UK through China or vise versa - 2013
Looking for travel partners.

Plan to travel from AUS to Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and into China. Travelling the Silk Road into Kazakhstan, etc. before ending up in UK. I am also prepared to do the trip in reverse if I cannot find starters in AUS and starters exist in UK.

NAVO, the travel guide company, has given me a quote for a solo crossing of China, which is expensive, so I am looking for other travellers to share the cost.

I have a BMW R1200GS.

I want to travel during the northern hemishere spring, summer or autumn next year 2013. It takes at least three months to get Chinese government permissions.

Two years ago I did a solo bike trip from USA through Mexico and Central America to Chile. Keen to get going again but this time with company.


Brian Dublin 15 Aug 2012 23:14

I'm based in Ireland, so might be interested if you decide to start in UK
How long do you think the trip will take?


davidsmotorcycletravels 16 Aug 2012 08:18

How long will this trip take?
I have been trying locally to find other interested travellers so your post gives me encouragement - hope it all works out for us.

My estimation of the travel time is as follows -

Distance alone will not determine how long it will take. Rest days, border crossings, vehicle reliablity, staying injury free, stopping occassionly to smell the roses, etc will all play a part. The distances listed below are all approx. only.

Some European tour companies offer group tours from Moscow to Bangkok or Istanbul to Bangkok. These tours are listed as taking 50 - 60 days. My estimate from UK is approx. 80 days.

Distance UK to Istanbul is approx. 4250 kilometres divided by 300 (distance travelled per day) = 14 days.

Istanbul to Georgia border = 1980 klms divided by 300 = 7 days

Georgia to Chinese border = 4300 klms divided by 300 = 14 days

China time and distance is determined by the guide company we employ. The government determines the route we will take. Different provinces from time to time are no go zones. But I have a quote for 28 days which includes four rest days.

Laos, Thailand and Malaysia will take another 14 days.

There are other routes such as travelling through Iran and Pakistan. Don't mind Iran but Pakistan????

The cost of travelling through China is expensive because we will need to employ an english speaking guide, driver with an escort vehicle.

Open to advise and or alternatives. Please free to comment.

Smokin 16 Aug 2012 17:29

Roughly, how much money would a trip like this cost? I'd be interested be the cost of going through China could really ramp it up.

Sounds good though!

Mehmet Zeki Avar 16 Aug 2012 18:00

Just a few information to add.
─░stanbul Sarp /Georgia bordergate is 1260 km.if you take the black sea coastline road..If you plan to visit must see places,ephesus,pamukkale,cappadocia,mount nemrut,stone road, it will make almost 2940 km..
All questions about route plannings,current inf.,etc. are welcome.
Wish you all the best.

davidsmotorcycletravels 17 Aug 2012 09:08

Hello Smokin

Depends on several factors such the type of accommodation we want to use. Europe would be the most expensive leg in that regard. Food and accommodation costs decrease dramatically beyond Turkey.

You mention China as ramping up the cost and you are right. NAVO the Chinese tourist guide company quoted 80,000 Yuan ( UK pounds = 8,000) for an english speaking guide, driver and guide vehicle for a period of 28 days. This includes the documents for the vehicles and licences BUT does not include cost of accommodation, meals, fuel along the route.

Bigger the group the less it will cost each rider. (8,000 divided by 3 = 2,666GBP) This information is wrong. I wrongly assumed that the cost could simply be divided by the number of travellers plus the cost of the extra licences, vehicle tags, insurances, etc. NO that is not the case at all. Today another company contacted me because they found another traveller to accompany me through China. The cost is not halved but I get a small (and I mean small - few hundred dollars) discount. See my last post for details

If we were able to travel with another traveller in a car (in which the guide can travel) we do not need the driver or the guide vehicle and the cost reduces again substantially. Maybe this is not right either

Fuel, visas, etc. etc.

davidsmotorcycletravels 17 Aug 2012 09:13


You sound like a good man for advise on the Turkish leg. As plans solidify can I get back to you for advise?

I have been to Turkey, many years ago, before crossing into Syria - not advisable right now. You have a beautiful country that I would love to see in much detail.

Thank you

davidsmotorcycletravels 18 Aug 2012 02:08

More on the cost of this trip. My experience has shown that it is hard to foresee all costs involved - things happen that delay and/or cost extra.

My budget expenses, so far determined, are for things such as getting the Carnet, airfares to or from UK, shipping the bike to or from UK, insurance, allocating a daily amount for fuel, accommodation and meals, the cost of the China leg, cost of the Vietnam leg (need a guide there to), shipping from Singapore to Darwin.

Not much change, if any, out of $15,000 AUD or 10,000 GBP. The big cost is China.

Could be done cheaper but I like a few comforts. The budget could also be much bigger and yet be.

davidsmotorcycletravels 18 Aug 2012 02:11

Perhaps you could suggest a route for the trip. I am open to suggestions.

Tomos 19 Aug 2012 21:49

Pm'd you

davidsmotorcycletravels 20 Aug 2012 07:28

Message sent?

Originally Posted by Tomos (Post 389800)
Pm'd you

Can't find the message???? Please try again or am I missing something?

davidsmotorcycletravels 21 Aug 2012 14:25

China - more information on costs.
Today I received email from another Chinese tour company informing me they have found a travel partner for me through China. The travel partner turns out to be a group of two adults and four children travelling in a large vehicle. No details beyond that.

Their charges quote is as follows - 1 X person and 1 X motorbike =
Euro 12,881 ($15,217 AUD) for me travelling alone.

BUT if I am to travel with this other group the charges are -
1 X person and 1 X motorbike
= Euro 9552 ($11,284 AUD)

The cost of importing a vehicle, obtaining a Chinese licence, temporary vehicle registration and insurance must be expensive.

The same amount is being charged to the other group so the total payable to the tour company is 19,104 Euro for guiding the tour for 30 days. This is nothing short of a ripoff (15,016 GBP, 23,590 USD, 22,568 AUD). Especially when it is for a guide only - no vehicle or driver required. T:thumbdown:his does not include visa fees, meals and accommodation for myself, the guide and driver. Along with admission fees, tours, personal expenses and a TIP is expected for the guide at the end????

The whole process is inflexible and expensive. China self-drive travel appears to be beyond the reach of ordinary people and these tour companies appear to be cashing in.

I am now seriously thinking of giving China a miss - go where travellers are welcome.

jimmy 21 Aug 2012 15:32

Hi David , check out the site [url=http://www.overlandwithkids.com]Overland With Kids.com. I was due to travel with them and share the costs. Ann did a lot of research on guides and costs prices varied hugely !!!!!! From memory I was paying less than 3000 gbp for a 30 day transit. If you pm me your email address I will dig out details on guide companies and costs. I am away till Monday, but if you look at their web site there is a breakdowm of costs etc.

regards Jimmy

Channey 21 Aug 2012 16:15

We have just travelled through XinJing region of China a couple of weeks ago with Newland Travel. They are not cheap but a great company to deal with. The guide/driver were great guys. We travelled 11 days in China and covered a lot of distance. We entered China through the Tekeshenken border in the Altay region, and exited through Touragart Pass to Kyrgyzstan. Both borders are not frequented by foreigners, so there is extra cost / red tapes.

XinJing is an unstable region of China, and we saw police and army carrying machine guns and batten in many towns. While most people were OK, we encounter quite afew unfriendly local Chinese, and a couple of nasty border army and police. I was a bit disappointed with the scenery. Overall, it is not worth the money or hassles. But I am only talking about XinJing region.

If you still want to travel to China, I would suggest you give Newland travel a try. Details as follow:
email Mamatjan at newlandtraveller@hotmail.com

davidsmotorcycletravels 23 Aug 2012 02:26

Alterantives - China

Originally Posted by jimmy (Post 390016)
Hi David , check out the site [url=http://www.overlandwithkids.com]Overland With Kids.com. I was due to travel with them and share the costs. Ann did a lot of research on guides and costs prices varied hugely !!!!!! From memory I was paying less than 3000 gbp for a 30 day transit. If you pm me your email address I will dig out details on guide companies and costs. I am away till Monday, but if you look at their web site there is a breakdowm of costs etc.

regards Jimmy

Thanks Jimmy - will have a look. Admit to being a bit annoyed when the quote came in - got over that now. Still looking.

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