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waynebreed 7 Aug 2010 14:28

Aug 2010 Departure for Dead Horse Alaska
Friends: I have a pending career change that is rapidly developing. Because of the career change I am contemplating a minimally planned trip from the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area to Dead Horse, AK. I won't be able to leave until somewhere around 14 Aug 2010. I'm an experienced dual sport rider but I feel uneasy about the spontaneous/rushed trip planning. I always remember the 6Ps. My preliminary plan is a round trip on a well armored 2006 Tiger. I reviewed climate data for N. AK and Canada for Aug and Sep. I can tell the trip will be many days of cold rain and possibly some days with lows below freezing. The mileage is about 5000 miles one way. I am figuring about 40 days for the round trip which will put me pretty far north in mid September. Am I building a house of cards or should I jump on the opportunity? Those who say "go" any advice on "must have" gear / clothing or bike prep? Anyone want to join me?


Road Hog 7 Aug 2010 17:03

Plan too much and you loose the adventure, just go for it. You need to be aware that some places up north start shutting down around the first of Sept. so make sure to have plenty of fuel. Get a copy of "The Mile Post" it is updated every year and should have needed info on fuel and a place to sleep. (you can get The Mile Post on Amazon.com I think.) Wife and I had two weeks (16 days) a couple of years ago and made the run up and back (6000 miles), slower is better but that was what we had so we made the run.
As for gear make sure you have something you can plug in, is the best to keep weight down. Rain gear that works as you will get wet.
If you need anything in South West Washington send me a message. If you come through this way stop by and I will give you a few recommendations on routes and where to stay. The North is a fascinating place and if this is your chance to make the run go for it.

SprintST 22 Aug 2010 02:25

+1 on the recommendation for heated clothing, good rain gear, and a current copy of the MilePost. Aside from that, have a great ride. The scenery is stunning.

Texastrike 22 Aug 2010 14:03

Mile Post is ok for trip planning in what to see, but we found that the local tourist office had more up to date information about fuel, accommodation etc. Mile Post was wrong a couple of time. The worst we found was no fuel for 185 miles, but we had a big, full tank and it didn't matter. Watch out for the road works, they can be tiresome to say the least.

markharf 22 Aug 2010 17:28

I'm still meeting riders heading north (the other day, a British couple on Teneres), but the season is rapidly drawing to a close. Here in the northern Rockies daily temps have been 30's through 50's (3-35 C) with showers and a snow level hovering around 8000 feet (2500 m). In the past, I've found Canadian Rockies weather a reasonable predictor of Alaska weather (and visa versa, more or less).

Safe travels!


(from Jasper, Alberta)

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