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Billy.Wyatt 28 Nov 2003 23:18

around the world, start in 2005 or 2006
There are 3 of us - motorcyclists, we are going around the world,
so we`re looking for people to join
( we are 20 to 25 years old - but it doesnt imply you have to be of the same age ).
we are from Poland
Please see our site :
republika.pl/slow/aroundeng.htm - it`s not of very high quality but you will find sth more about us.
should you have any questions - feel free to email us :

greetings !

Billy&Wyatt 18 Mar 2004 02:41

Hi there !

That`s us again. there are 3 of us still, so ,we are looking for further companionship ( especially a girl )
if you fancy take a look at our website :
it`s also in English, there will be a link on the top to the english version.

Probably we will start in 2006 - spring,

greetings from Poland
Billy, Wyatt, Miss Nicholson

Together We Stand, divided we fall...

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JON DONOGHUE 16 Oct 2004 12:07

Hello billy. ime jon london uk. ime heading your way may or june next year on my way to canada & central amrica via russia sibria. wot route are you taking for your rtw trip.??. keep intouch. JON.

Billy&Wyatt 4 Nov 2004 15:48

PL ver.:
Widzimy ze plan ambitny. Podoba sie nam.
zapraszamy wiec do Polski! Moze choc na odcinku przez kawalek Polski bedziemy mogli Ci towarzyszyc a moze nawet do Syberii jak by dobrze poszlo i mial bys ochote.
Pozostanmy w kontakcie. Piszcie prosze na easyriders@easyriders.pl
jedziesz sam czy w kilka osob? i jakim sprzetem?

ENG ver.:
your plan seems ambitious and we like it. Feel invited to come to Poland. Maybe at least for a while we will be able to be your companions, or maybe even to Siberia if everything goes well. How many of You are there ? What bike do you have ?. Keep in touch, Write at easyriders@easyriders.pl

JON DONOGHUE 5 Nov 2004 02:43

Hya. two of us & thats aall we need.. i met a guy From uk On Here. & We Will Both Be Going Through Poland In June 05..Regards chat Soon Jon..

DaveSmith 9 Nov 2004 16:36

I'm interested. Right now I'm trying to lap Australia, then New Zealand and then to Japan. I hope to get a job teaching English in Japan to save up for crossing Southeast Asia and Europe. Don't know when you're leaving but I should be in Viet Nam around March/April 2006. email me please.

Trying to ride (and work) my way round the world on a 1965 Ducati 250cc. Australia, New Zealand and Japan are first. http://nokilli.com/rtw/

Kloszard 5 Feb 2005 15:20

kiedy ruszacie i jaki kierunek?
ja ruszam do cape town z wawy w pazdzierniku05
jesli macie ochote na czarny kontynent dajcie znac na maila.
when and what direction?
im leaving for cape town oct05
if u feel like joining me let me know by mail.
good luck.

origonalbe 15 Feb 2005 08:55

Hey i live in canada and might be interested in joining part of your journey while your in north america. My email is besligar@hotmail.com i may even be able to help you find work if you want work alongthe way.

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