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Smellybiker 24 Jun 2006 06:37

Anyone in Southern Peru with an F650GS ?
.....who, in exchange for beer, would let me try the throttle assembly & ignition CDI from my bike on theirs ?

I'm still gremlin chasing on my bike & getting nowhere fast, despite checking lots of parts. I'm reluctant to fork out loads of cash on replacement parts I might not need & this is the only way I can think of to track the problem down.

motoride 2 Jul 2006 03:45

hey,,I'm going to Lima tomorrow..!!
I'm going to Lima tomorrow to fix my broken shock,then
I will go to Cuzco then Bolivia for Uyuni..

If you head to Uyuni,Bolivia also,
Let's go together..I was told that it's impossible to ride through Uyuni by solo
without GPS.

Se whan,kang

Lone Rider 2 Jul 2006 04:01


Originally Posted by motoride
............I was told that it's impossible to ride through Uyuni by solo
without GPS.

True. The people that found their way there 100 years before us were able to rent the GPS units in an exchange program......

Smellybiker 2 Jul 2006 04:16

I might be up for that if I can get my bike fixed, drop me an email when you get to Arequipa.



Albert Hoermann 2 Jul 2006 17:04

I rode through salar the Uyuni without GPS and than all the way down to San Pedro in Chile via Laguna Colorado! No problem at all! You see the tracks from the cheeps and you allways see the mountains, there you can hold on!
If you are not sure, just wait till a cheep with tourist passes by and follow that one! It´s a fantastic trip, but if you ride down to San Pedro via the dessert (Laguna Colorado) you should know how to drive in sand or don´t go!

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