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dKw1 6 Mar 2009 04:00

Anyone for Mexico??
Planning on leaving San Diego in late March. Ride through Baja to Mazatlan and Durango then on to Oaxaca. Anyone want to stop watching the bad news and go somewhere nice to eat tacos and drink beer??

Calvin 6 Mar 2009 22:22

Am in Hildago del Parrall after 4 days in the cooper canyon area will be in Durango tomorrow and the 2 or more weeks in the Colonial City area and yes the food and beer has been good

dKw1 7 Mar 2009 03:14


Sounds like I missed you by a few weeks. We'll probably cross paths on your way north. Enjoy the tacos and beer and ride safe.


adriangmz 24 Apr 2009 05:19

where are you now?


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