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Crezza 23 Dec 2008 12:38

Anyone fancy a couple of weeks in Europe? (June 09)
Hello All

This is my first post and I'm looking to do my first short trip next in June 09. (I've been trailing through this site for about 8 months but finances have stopped me doing any more than reading stories and looking at pictures!)

Anyway, I was thinking about heading off to Dover and doing the Chunnel to Calais and then going anywhere and everywhere possible in the 2 weeks I have off. (although I've never been to Germany and fancied having a mooch over there)

I'm used to spending many hours on the bike so time/distance isn't a problem. I was originally doing this on my own, and I'm still up for that but, I thought I'd see if anyone out there fancied joining?

Drop me a line if you're up for it and if not, in the meantime, Merry Christmas where ever you all are.


explorer 23 Dec 2008 13:55

why not come with us
Hi Crezza, Why not come along with us to the Ukraine, take a look at Lancashire to Ukraine thread and let me know.


dave08 23 Dec 2008 17:29

I'm thinking about booking the portsmouth-santander ferry on the 3rd of june, across the pyrenees and then work my way back through france, probably camping, early days yet tho.

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