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basscollection 18 Aug 2011 08:11

Any travellers heading from south to Montenegro via Albania?
I'm in South East Bulgaria right now, will leave tomorrow (Fri 19 Aug) riding via Turkey to the Turkish Greek border near Alexandroupoli. Eventually want to be in Ohrid (Macedonia) on Sun 21 Aug. to cross Albania into Montenegro on Monday 22 Aug.
Anyone fancy joining me?

basscollection 24 Aug 2011 22:21

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Ok, if anyone is interested.... Albania is a doodle, at least that was my experience when I went transit from Ohrid in Macedonia (via Struga) to Montenegro.
No probs at the border, stunning mountain roads straight after you enter Albania, al the way to Elbasan.
And then you're in for a threat... the road from Elbasan to Tirana is not less then stunning, countless hairpins high up in the mountains..WOW!

The road from Tirana to Shkroder is boring though, if you want to get lunch, get it in one of the restaurants in the mountain road, there are plenty there (as well as fuel stations).

Transit to Tirana is a bit hit and miss as there are no signs and even for me (I carry just a simple bag and tank bag so I am not wide) filtering though the massive traffic is difficult sometimes, as the roads are a bit to narrow for 2 lanes four by fours... it's chaotic.
Just ask the police for direction Durres.

From Shkroder I went into direction Montenegro, I went straight into the town of Ulcinj, but did not like it at all, beach was much to crowded, so I would advice, if you have time go to Kotor (don't take the tunnel route cause the mountain way in is much nicer), absolutely stunning and nice and quit.... Have your swim gear ready, because you can literally park your bike right at the sea side and dive in crystal clear water (see pic)....


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