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tommysmithfromleeds 20 Jul 2008 19:27

Any other 125ers wanting to explore UK?
Hey I live near Leeds and have done a couple of mid distance trips but really bored of being on my own. Is there ne one else out there with a 125 up for a bit of distance overlanding? If so get in touch.

Alexlebrit 25 Jul 2008 07:10

A chance to test out my luggage?
I might be up for this, as my panniers have arrived apparently for my Terra Adventure, so they'll need to be broken in.

Mind you I'm in Finland right now so that's pretty useless, but I'll be back soon and a trip across the Channel might be fun, what were you thinking of?

PS Did you find luggage for your Derbi then, or have I missed something?

tommysmithfromleeds 25 Jul 2008 12:03

hey. speaking to a guy a motorbike shop, he says the adventure panniers have yet to be priced up. once i get some, gonna bodge the rack so it fits my bike. done a few trips with the soft luggage but it aint fun popping into a cafe wondering if the locals are gonna steel ur effects!

still hoping to do scotland in its entiity although the summer seams to be slipping away. will hopefully be touring europe next summer, complete with bike license but still on a 125cc. do u have a full license, or are you just riding without 'L' plates? i heard the law was pretty laid back on the continent.

Alexlebrit 26 Jul 2008 09:41

No L Plates here
I'm riding on a full French car license which in France means no L plates needed. I contacted the DVLA in Swansea and according to them a I have a European licence can ride a 125 in the UK. They couldn't tell me though whether that was with or without L's. It seems pretty random, so much for European harmonisation, hey? Still for me there always the old fallback of only speaking French to any UK cops which combined with French number plates worke for me before when I was pulled over dong 85 on the M6 in a Mini.

tommysmithfromleeds 26 Jul 2008 11:51

ahhh cool man! I hope to get my full bike license next year, gonna stick on a 125 for a bit though. If you find urself in the UK, Yorkshire in particular, give me a PM, or if you fancy doing something in Europe next year let me know. AT the moment im planning UK-France-Spain-North Africa-Italy-France-home. Oh and how are the panniers?

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