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McGowan 31 Oct 2004 03:52

Any brits fancying some short winter rides?
I am a huge fan of winter riding unlike most people so I guess no responses to this topic.

I am looking to rack up some miles for experience sake over the winter and coming summer. For the winter I plan to just stick to the UK but come spring/summer some long weekend rides down into southern france/spain would be very cool, hit the alps for a bit of scenery grabbing etc etc.

Anyway if anyone else is up for it then let me know. I am a youngun btw, 20, been riding a while but only now getting my Cat A licence.

I only got a 250 that tops out around 80 so superbikes need not apply http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

Life has no meaning, quit searching for it and start riding!

Bill Ryder 31 Oct 2004 08:17

Hey, scrape the frost off and go for a ride. If you walk funny because your ankles are frozen when you get off the bike so be it.
A long time ago I came to london and bought a 175 to tour about. It was march, went a bit north went out to lands end then rode thru paris in the snow. It was a great time. Ride to live live to ride.

honda6000_5 7 Nov 2004 21:16

hi mate

im up for some short winter rides on mud island,where exactly are you? im in essex and ride a honda xl600r,im quite happy just cruisin along at 60 - 70 mph i never go anywhere in a hurry,also thinking of trips next yr through france into spain and possibly into morocco,western sahara and who knows maybee futher.

regds makiwa

McGowan 8 Nov 2004 14:42

Down in south wales here. Been kind of a set back, probably wont be able to actually ride untill some time in december I'll give ya an email around the time to see if you're still up for it. Try and avoid the snow though right?

honda6000_5 8 Nov 2004 23:18

hey mate

im allways up to riding man,what a question.you give me a shout when you ready to ride and we ride.word has it theres lots of good places to ride round wales,i aint been round that side yet.

the makiwa

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