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alyosha 5 Jan 2003 05:49

any bike nomads on continental US?
greetings. as a motorcycle traveller five months and 17,000 miles into a north-american tour, i find this site fantastic. i have as of yet only met a few others who are exploring the united states. where is everybody? apparently getting sponsored to ride across africa (which impresses me greatly). well i'm 22 and poor on my first real trip, and there must be others like me who can't yet spring for the klr650 and transatlantic shipping. (i'm riding an 81 seca)if you're one of them, drop me a line and tell me a good riding story. happy new year__

also, anyone know of good rider hangs in southern AZ?


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Grant Johnson 5 Jan 2003 07:14

Have you checked out the Communities?

There are LOTS of people heading south for the winter - few currently touring USA due to the weather - there are better places to be, and cheaper. Heading south wil stretch your dollars - and time - significantly.

Grant Johnson

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