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Global Rider 8 Jul 2001 23:42

I've been riding the Alps annually since 1995.

If there are any motorcyclists out there that have always wanted to tour the Alps, and would like a tour guide without the high costs of those tour companies, then come and join me for a month of the best riding in the world.

Other than your costs, my time is free and it sure would be nice to have some good company to share the days events with over dinner and beer.

I am fluent in English (obvious enough) and German. I can also get by very well in French. Italian? I get by on a few words and wave my hands around a lot, hoping they'll understand.

Check out my web site for a taste of what you will be in for.


Alex's BMW Motorcycle & Global Touring Page http://www.ott.igs.net/~ace

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