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Zebra AT 5 Jul 2011 19:58

Algeria July/August 2011. Tunesia<>Algeria<ferry>Spain. Anyone who wants to join
Hello Friends.

I am planning an Mediterranean tour. I want to travel for 5 or 6 weeks in July/August, eventually September 2011. I start at Montpellier/French, Italy, take an Ferry to Tunisia, cross the border with Algeria, take an Ferry to Spain and back to Montpellier.

It is still not possible to cross the border between Algeria en Morocco! Thats way i want to travel between Algiers/Spain/Franch.

The difficulty is to get an Visa for Algeria, difficult but not impossible. I don't need an guide because i stay in the north of Algeria. Its is not impossible to do!

But the biggest problem is the help i could need from other travelers.

So for the part of the travel in Algeria i am searching for other travelers!!! :oops2:

1 can do several way's

Option 1; Mediterranean tour with the clock

Take an ferry from Italy to Tunesia
Cross the boarder from Tunisia to Algeria
Take an ferry from Algeria to Spain

Option 2: Mediterranean tour against with the clock

Take an ferry from Spain to Algeria
Cross the boarder from Algeria to Tunisia
Take an ferry from Tunisia to Italy

Option 3: Ferry between France and Algerie

Take an ferry from Marseille to Annaba/Algeria
Take an Ferry from Algiers to Marseille

Is there anyone who wants to go with me? I'm an specially interested in an travel-mate for Algeria.

Information of people who have been traveling trough Algeria this is is very welcome!!! Hotels, other places to stay, nice places to visit or not etc. I can't find much info yet.



Tomek 10 Jul 2011 21:30

Hi Guus,

me and my friends have been waiting for algerian visas since 27.12.2010 (planning to go south).

If you get your visa, please let us know what exactly to write in visa aplication and what sort of invitation to use (instead of invitation from a guide).


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