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Jef Imans 24 Feb 2003 05:48

African Trip September 2003
Greetings to all,

I am planning currently an African trip, starting in Europe, going to Morocco, then more or less straight to Senegal, from there on via Mali to Ivory Coast (depending off course on political situation), Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroun, Gabon, Congo-Brazaville (where I spent last year about 4 months for work, including a 4WD trip, great experience!!), up to Angola.

I want to leave in September 2003, and plan to travel till end December 2003. For the moment I intend to go with a BMW F650.

Looking for a travel partner, either for the full journey or only a part, so anyone with more or less the same plans is very welcome. Off course tips, tricks, experiences etc are very welcome...

Route details off course can be changed, the plan is still very rough so very adaptable as well...


MJC 27 Feb 2003 19:15

Hi Jef,

I am South African and been living in London for the past 6 years and decided to ride to SA in October 2003, might be delayed due to funds but trying to stick to around that date. I love riding bikes but have never done anything like this before and to be honest can't wait. I am looking at a very similar route for North / West Africa, but still need to fully look into that. From your message you seem to want to do the trip in around 3 months, I however plan to take my time and just see how long it takes, I'm guessing 6 - 9 months. Anyway if you are delayed at all and want to meet along the way give us a shout.


Jef Imans 28 Feb 2003 17:00

Hi Mark,

september still is the plan, however have to look how that works out for my job... so changes are still possible ;-)

Regarding the time I would like to take, again this is flexible, but I would like to get at least in Congo by the end of my trip and I will only have about 3-4 months available... so options are less there...

If things match regarding our departure date I think it would be great to drive together... let's stay in touch...


MJC 4 Mar 2003 19:17

Hi Jef,

If things all go well, we could meet for the trip through West Africa, feel free to email me anytime..crookm@ebrd.com

Catch ya later.

Skonte 6 Mar 2003 15:29

Hi Jef

I am planning for a trip to West Africa beginning of september. To Mauritania then east to Mali and Timbuktu, then south to Ghana and then west and north through Ivory, Guinea, Senegal back home.

Kind regards

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Jef Imans 13 Apr 2003 19:34

Hi Skonte,

wud be nice to team up for the ride - seems I am not only one ;-)

What bike are you riding?

Let's keep in touch...


Galloping Gazza 13 Apr 2003 20:28

hi all, I am on walkabout at mo ,spent the last couple of days riding through south wales,at bristol at moheading to the dartmorr forest for a belt on the dirt.
I will be back in london on tuesday so hows next weekend sound for a catch up beer and chat about the trip, I am planning to go down the western side...but more planning awaits...
gotta go talk soon.
my bike is waiting....
cheers gazza

Ride hard,ride safe- Ride on...with no regrets of life passed by.

POB/London 14 Apr 2003 02:01

I too will be travelling from London to Maroc and Mauretania, then Mali and Niger (Timbuktu of course, Skonte!) I was also hoping to return via Tamanrasset and Tozeur/Tunis, but this now looks impossible. The Sudan / Chad / Egypt route looks promising, but I don't want a carnet - who can afford that! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif

We should all meet for a "virtual" beer to discuss plans. I'm a poor student and will be riding a motorcycle (either an XT600 3AJ or an XR650L). I have clearance from College to leave London in September 2003. I want to be away for about 3 months.

I'll keep an eye on this thread, although feel free to drop me an e-mail for more details of my plans.


Skonte 15 Apr 2003 13:16

Hi Jef and POB,

I will be driving a offroad modified Yamaha XJ900S Diversion and start from Sweden approx monday 8 septembre 9:00 am?!
It will take a couple or three days to reach Gibraltar.
I'm flexible when coming to Africa, but Sahara is a must and rain forest is a bonus, but it depends on the weather situation (rain...).

See ya!

POB/London 16 Apr 2003 05:08


PLEASE email me pics of your bike! I'd love to see how you did that...

Address in profile ^ - will talk to you more.

Skonte 16 Apr 2003 18:23

Photos not yet available, design is still in my head, but did buy a second hand 900 Diversion yesterday!
Plan is as follows;
- No fairing or clocks, instead cross-style handle bar and front fender, bicycle computer as speedo, enduro lamp and hand protection etc.
- Offroad tubeless tyres with rear 130/80 backwards on front 17" and 150/80 on rear 17", street tyres through Europe though.
- Ohlins fork kit (and increased travel?), Ohlins rear damper with increased travel and Ohlins steering damper.
- Large fuel tank (45 litre) already done from another second hand fuel tank (scrap).
- Single seat, with spare tyres lying on back plate, "top box" inside tyres with lockable alu cover and matched tarpaulin on top.
- Alu boxes on both sides.
- Engine protection and mud guard.
- Every part on the bike will be examined (service, need, weight, function, failure, spare...)

Will send some photos as progress...

Happy days!

Jef Imans 17 Apr 2003 22:23

We should meet for a real beer instead of a virtual beer ;-) and off course Antwerp is more or less in the middle of London and Sweden ;-)

But indeed we should (virtually) get together to discuss our plans together, to see how we could arrange some things together... msn or yahoo a suggestion?

Talk to you later,


Brian Greaney 19 Apr 2003 22:09

A good friend and I rode from Nigeria to Ireland in July-August 2002 via Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain and France. It took 7 1/2 weeks of reasonably hard riding. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or, if they are of general interest post them here and let me know that there is a question waiting.

Galloping Gazza 24 Apr 2003 19:14

Hi Brian ,
Just wondering what the political situation is like in Nigeria,i am planning a trip london-capetown in october, still a long way off but...
Hi Jef, also wondering about riding through congo,how did you find it when you worked there,while brazaville is a long way away from DRC Is there a safe-ish route across DRC to Uganda-Kenya in december-ish, it looks like hard going.
Trying to organise a planning meeting if any of you guys are in the area-referance
cheers GAZZA..
Ride hard,ride safe- Ride on...with no regrets of life passed by.

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tyler 28 Apr 2003 21:48

Hello. My name is Tyler and I've been roughly planning a trip through Africa on a bike for some time now. I've been away from home for over a year now (cali) and am currently working in Dublin to supplement this Africa trip. I'm thinking about leaving in Septemberish, but I'm flexible.
I've been riding bikes (street and motocross) now for about 4 years, but haven't been on one since I left home. Anyway, keen to know more about your trip.



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