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chiacchio 25 Nov 2001 17:56

africa overland by SUZUKI GN 250
I am planning to travell in Africa by motorcycle next year:
(tunisi-lybia if I'll get visa)-Egypt-Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania,...,....,Cape Town.
start:02/2002, end...may be 8 or more month!

Nicholas (Italian, 29 y.o)


Goose 30 Nov 2001 19:26

Stay in touch matey as we're in S.Africa heading that way,


chiacchio 30 Nov 2001 19:46


very nice web site!
I'll try to get more info possible about Egypt, Sudan, ..., before our "meeting" http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif

have fun,


Bigmac 1 Dec 2001 14:35

Hi Chiacchio,
I will be doing a very similar trip next year (plan to depart mid to late Feb). Would be good to meet up along the way. Let me know how your Libia visa application gets along.


P.S Great site with loads of info!!!!!

chiacchio 1 Dec 2001 17:28


about libyan visa if I get it will be just before I'll leave! Azartours can help you:

"Dear Nicholas,

I made new contacts and found out that the Invitation is possible for independant travelers.

This costs 100 US$ and Border formalities with your Motocycle costs 150 US$.

Please let me know if you are still interested in this offer.

yours sincerely,

Isam Saidi

Dear Nicola,

Yes, indeed things change fast.

You will be permitted to travel alone on to Egypt.

Best regards.

Isam Saidi"




which bike do you have?


Bigmac 2 Dec 2001 19:29

I Will be riding a XT600E 1997 model

A.B. 2 Dec 2001 22:21

I'm in Egypt. If you need any help from here, or while you're here, just let me know.


chiacchio 2 Dec 2001 23:53


I have a firend who want to buy a motorcycle in Egypt and than go to Cape Town.
She is from Denemark.
is better buy bike in Denemark or in Egypt?
How much a little used bike, like Suzuki Dr 350, cost? any problem with the carnet or other papers?


Grant Johnson 3 Dec 2001 01:19

That's an easy one - in Denmark!!!!!

FORGET buying a bike in Egypt. Don't even think it.

No idea on prices, there will be a huge range depending on age model and condition. Have to just take a good look around. Buy the best the budget allows with room for repairs and modifications.

Carnet is available in Denmark or Germany's ADAC. Search the site and HUBB for "ADAC carnet" for lots of info on carnets and prices.

Grant Johnson

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A.B. 3 Dec 2001 15:54

Chiacchio, Grant is right. She better buy a bike from Denmark and bring it over. Although I can find her a good bike here in Egypt, it will be too expensive because of the huge custom duties we have to pay. To give you an idea about the market prices here: I just bough a well used 85 Tenere that needs new piston, camshaft, cylinder head, output shaft and bearing for $1700. I can get the same bike in similar condition anywhere in Europe for half that price. And trust me that was a good deal.

Give her my contact info if she’s coming this way. And that goes to any biker heading this way. I have a nice closed garage in Cairo to fix or park the bike and a free guest room with a view on the Nile if you want to spend a few days in Cairo.


Mads 20 Dec 2001 01:31

Bikes in Denmark is even more expensive than in Norway, but Denmark is a good place to get a cheap bike for export. Since this bike is ment for use in Africa, she can buy it in Denmark, get it registrated there, with special plates and no taxes:-)
New bike for less money..


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