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kaflynny 25 Aug 2005 22:14

7 Day Blast, Budapest/Tatras/Krakow/ Sept 10-17
Hi Folks, I'm a long time browzer, first time user of the HUBB. Starting on the 10th September, I'm planning to blast my way from Calais through Belguim, Germany, Austria and on into Hungary. Will take a day or two in Budapest to recover,see the sights etc. before crossing the Tatra Mountain Range (and what has been described on this forum as some of the best riding in Europe)and rolling into Poland (Krakow) for another day's rest. From there it's homeward bound through Germany, Benelux etc., stopping as necessary.

Is anyone interested in riding any/some/all of the sections with me? or, if anyone is crossing paths with me, they might like to meet up and share a meal and a beer?

In all I expect to cover around 2500 miles. I know this sound's like big mileage to cover in such a short time, and will include a couple of 600-700 mile days, but I'm used to covering big distance fast on my CBR1100. Last year I covered around the same distance in Norway on a ZX9R.

I would also be grateful for any advice re routes, acomodation or anything else from anyone who has done a similar route.

Rgds. Kaflynny

momirj 27 Aug 2005 15:29

The way down is not something I would call interesting ride. I would rather say boring, but you can make a big mileage. Unless of course you take to route over the Alps in Austria. That is a gorgeous ride, but relatively slow. The fast route is a high way all the way to Budapest, without a heavy traffic. Once in Budapest, give me a shout (it seams that somethign is wrong with your e-mial address on hormail.com).

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kaflynny 28 Aug 2005 16:45

Yeah, I won't be doing much sight seeing on the way down. I'll skip the Austrian Alps until the next time. My main goal this on this trip is to see Budapest, ride the Tatras, see Krakow and head home again.

Can you recommend a (Honda)dealer in Budapest who will fit a new set of tyres. I reckon I'll need them after all that straight line motorway mileage on the way down!

E-mail address listed is correct. Any further advice would be much appreciated

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mdmystko 28 Aug 2005 21:11

Make sure you take a border crossing on the eastern side of Tatras - the one in Lysa Polana. Or even better, take the following route to enjoy the beauty of High and Low Tatras: (Budapest ->) Banska Bystrica -> Ruzemberok -> Poprad -> Lysa Polana -> Nowy Targ -> Krakow.
Southern Poland is crowded so allow more time for crossing it.

Wheelspin 29 Aug 2005 17:47

Look at my blog on the travellers stories section - Kevin Payne - I just did a very similar route and kept going. Krakow is great, but you could get there via Prague and then take my route through the Tatras. Hungary is not an interesting ride, although Budapest is fun. Let me know if you need info.

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momirj 29 Aug 2005 18:16

The biggest problem with the workshop / dealers in Budapest is language. It's hard to find any who speaks English. Thus in your case we need a bit of logistics.
You want to buy and fit, or only fit tires? Sounds almost like a stupid question, but... I'm asking this because local shops (I'm in touch with) do not keep tires in stock. It may take then some time to get a proper make and dimension for you, and you are short of time. Let me know what would you need, and I'll check with my English speaking contacts.

kaflynny 29 Aug 2005 19:47

Thank you for your help Momirj!

I use either of the following tyres on by CBR1100.

Bridgestone: BT-020W, 120/70 ZR17 (58W)TL
BT-020L, 180/55 ZR17 (73W)TL


Avon: Azaro- ST AV45 'B' 120/70R17 (58W)
St AV46 'B' 180/55R17 (73W)

I would want them supplied and fitted if possible.

Again, thank you for your help!

Chris IMM 30 Aug 2005 16:16

I will also be travelling to Budapest at a similar time, starting from France on September 10th and hoping to arrive in Budapest on September 12th as I will be taking the slow route through the Austrian Alps. I will be travelling on to Romania after.

Kaflynny, Momirj, perhaps we could meet up for a beer if we are there at the same time?

Momirj, do you have any recomendations for a hotel which would have safe parking for my bike?


momirj 31 Aug 2005 05:01

I suggest you to get in touch with Andras and arrange all details about the tires. He is a great, perfect English speaking guy who runs Honda shop / workshop called Power BIKE, here in Budapest. Absolutely reliable and very professional. His e-mail address is
powbike (attt) netstudio dottt hu

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Don't give the email address to the spammers - modify it a little!

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momirj 31 Aug 2005 05:05

I shall be in town whole that week. So, we should definitely organize something. If there are some other travelers in this area, let's make a small HU meeting.
As per hotel, and safe parking... Budapest is in general very safe town, so parking on the street is normal thing. However, better safe then sorry. What is your budget for hotel, that would help me locating something for you.

Grant Johnson 31 Aug 2005 08:09

momirj, please add this shop to the Repair shops around the world forum!

note the mod to the email address.

Chris IMM 31 Aug 2005 18:35

Hi Momirj,

Thanks for your reply, it would definitely be good to meet up as I think Kaflynny will also be in Budapest at the same time. As I said I should arrive on the 12th and will stay 1 or 2 nights, not sure yet.

If you email me through my address in my profile I can give my phone number so we can meet.

Regarding a hotel I would like to find something around 40 euros / night but I realise that in popular cities like Budapest it could be a bit more. I am sure Budapest is quite safe but I always prefer to have the bike in a garage or secure place if possible when I am on a trip.


kaflynny 31 Aug 2005 19:33


I will e-mail Andras at Power Bike about the tyres. Thanks for the contact.

Would definitely be interested in meeting up in Budapest, I expect to arrive there around the 12th also.

Steve Pickford 31 Aug 2005 22:44

Stayed in Budapest last year, rented a small apartment just up from the main train station, near the river. No garage but there was a locked side gate with access to the rear where the bikes were chained up out of sight.

We were told about the aprtment by the Tourist Info office in or near the train station.

BTW, your schedule will mean missing a lot of beautiful scenery.

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Wheelspin 2 Sep 2005 18:30

I sent a reply direct too, but for wider benefit - Momir put me in touch with Andras at Powerbike too. He had tyres for my Pan fitted the next day - can get most standard type stuff in a few hours. Andras rides a Blackbird himself so I doubt he will have any trouble with that. You can find his email at www.powerbike.hu Hotels.com is pretty useful for Budapest - but once you find one try a direct internet search to cut out the booking fee.

The queue for the Polish / Slovakian border coming down from Krakow was awful - but its not going to worry anyone on a bike. No one seems to object to you going straight to the front.

One amendment to my comment about Hungary - Szentendre is worth a visit and is close to Budapest. I've probably spelt it wrong, but it will be in any decent guide book.

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