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kbikey 13 Mar 2007 04:20

Your best motocycle purchase
I just got in from adding another 160 miles to one of my bikes and it started me thinking ,could it get any cheaper?
I have had that bike for years and it still gives good service. I bought this 1979 SR 500 Yamaha for $275.00 about 30,000 miles ago.
I have a 900 kawasaki I bought new and rode 60,000 miles,so not too bad, but considering purchase price the Yamaha has been much cheaper per mile.
Does anyone else care to share info about their cheapest rides?
Maybe we should leave out gift bikes. I rode 100 or so miles on a350 honda gifted to me then sold it for $300.00. so that sort of thing messes up the equation.

yuma simon 13 Mar 2007 18:39

Say what you want about them, but the Chinese-manufactured GY200 enduros are a very good bang for the ($1k) bucks. Yes, they need to be loctited everywhere to keep the bolts on, and are in dire need of a rear sprocket change (most are 56 teeth rear), unless you get one of the few that come stock with 46 t rears, but they can be mail-ordered off of Ebay, need minor assembly, and are ultra-cheap to register. On one group I belong to, one of the members rode his Lifan LF200GY-5 14 hours from Louisiana to Florida, and several members have 3000 + miles total (these are new bikes to the US after all). In fact, on the group, many members have other bikes that they let sit while riding around town on their GY200 for shopping and chores.

I am sure that people here will rip them apart, but I bet none of them have actually owned one, knew someone who owned one, or have seen one in person. IMO, a very good bang for the buck, although I would not go for an around the world on one, either.

Joe C90 13 Mar 2007 18:48

my honda cub 90 (c90 economy). 6000 winter trip miles.:scooter:
Say no more.....

kbikey 14 Mar 2007 06:23

cheap miles
Yes Simon the Chinese are coming. I'm waiting to see how they do, when the Japanese started selling in the U.S. it wasn't just small size and nifty features that made them popular. They were well built and long lasting as well as cheap. My 1st bike was a Honda nifty 50. Bought 2nd hand when I was 12 I rode it on the farm and down a asphalt lane to some railroad tracks then followed the tracks south to town or north to big city. I racked up 3500 miles by age 15.
If the Chinese and Korean stuff will hold up to kid abuse then they'll catch on.
Joe C I agree horizontal Hondas Rock!

brclarke 15 Mar 2007 03:48


Originally Posted by yuma simon (Post 129790)
Yes, they need to be loctited everywhere to keep the bolts on,

I keep hearing this, and that the Chinese-made bikes are supposedly unreliable... but for the last ten months I've been riding mine almost every day to work/around town and I haven't managed to lose a bolt yet. My little 200 has been as reliable as a stone ax - I haven't had one problem of any kind.

yuma simon 15 Mar 2007 04:19

Bruce, I think the Chinese enduros use a slightly different 200cc engine than the Chinese street bikes. The enduros get to vibrating something fierce, and if you didn't get around to loctiting your bolts, you will find that some are missing; usually on the exhaust.

Steve Pickford 28 Mar 2007 21:03

Hopefully the '92 R100GS Paralever that I'm buying this Saturday for a price I could not refuse. It will be sale soon if anyone's interested? Comes with full Krauser luggage, tax & MOT, stainless Y-piece, has about 60,000 miles on it.

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