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jk 22 Apr 2000 17:26

Where to buy a bike for travel in Europe?
I am an Australian with both UK and Australian bike licences. I am flying to Europe mid July and will have only about 10 days to make it to a rally in Finland.

How difficult would it be for me to buy and insure in say Netherlands or Germany (cuttting miles off my trip)?

Would I have to return to that country to sell the bike or could I offload it in say Britain?

Which eec country is cheapest to buy a reliable but unfashionable middle weight bike, say 250 - 400 cc? Anything will do as long as its reliable, no electric start or other mod cons needed

Zaharan Razak 18 Aug 2000 00:44

Why doesn't any rider reply to the above queries? They were posted in April, now it's already August! I too am interested in the answers. Just as many others too, I'm sure. Perhaps Grant will have to come to the rescue again!

Dave 19 Aug 2000 04:15

It currently costs us loads more of our hard earned moolah to buy a bike or car here than it does abroad, so there is a growing move towards going to France to buy cars where we can save literally thousands of pounds.

Sorry I don't know any more details about the other stuff you asked. Actually this will all be too late for JK but I hope its helpful to Zaharan. Also if you looking for a trail bike you'll find a lot more in France or Germany than you will in Britain. Perhaps because we don't have many places to ride them without getting shouted at by old dears with their dogs. Also it seems that most British bikers would rather spend more time cleaning their bikes than riding them. The flip side of this (and our atrocius weather) is that you can pick up some really mint condition bikes if you're willing to pay the money.

Good luck with everything.

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