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metta 28 Sep 2007 01:57

What Colour Carnet?
I have travelled the world exclusively without one (carnet) but a fellow bike rider wasn't so 'lucky' and has been caught without one.

Can any one tell me what colour the paper is and whether the carnet is in a double sided booklet form or single sided booklet form.

Thanks in Advance

Frank Warner 28 Sep 2007 03:04

Think you'll find a scan of one over on the left side bar thingy ... you should also be ablke to view one of a fellow traveller. You do relise that the serial numbers are loged and avalible to boarder posts that ask? OK .. they are in booklet form ... legal size by eye - could be a bit larger) yellow cover (cardboard - patterened and printed) with white paper inside single sided printed with tare off sections.. Not something you'd want to try to copy.

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