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Jimbofett 21 Oct 2012 05:08

Wanted: previously viewed videos
I'm looking for 2nd hand copies of the dvd's Achievable Dreams series...as well as the Road Heros. If you've watched and enjoyed them and would like to pass them on...my wife is on the fence about adventure riding...she's gonna need a bit of convincing...someone out there, help me convince her:helpsmilie:

She really needs to have an adventure like this...she just doesn't know it yet!:D

mark manley 21 Oct 2012 12:28

Hi Jimbofett and welcome,

I can't help you with the dvds and it would help to at least know what country you are in, we are a pretty international bunch here.

I would suggest if you find yourself in the vacinity of a talk by one of the women travellers on this forum to get your wife and yourself along to it, this might require you going to a hu meeting or mini meet somewhere which is a good place to start planning a trip anyway.:welcome:

Jimbofett 23 Oct 2012 06:30

Thanks for the welcome...this shows you how that I need to expand my horizons...we live in Victoria BC Canada. You've got some great ideas to swing the wife over to this adventure! Thanks

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