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MartinRobertG 1 Jun 2012 23:11

Vienna to Istanbul
I was wondering if anyone could share some advice, tips, or suggestions for a trip from Vienna to Istanbul in September to November?
I was think of buying a bike in Vienna rather than shipping mine from Canada, does anyone know what the restrictions are for a forigner to purchase, insure, and register a moto in Austria are?
Thanks for the help

Walkabout 2 Jun 2012 17:52

September can be great weather but later may not be so good + the days are pretty short by November.
If you want to know more about Austria/Vienna and the rules of buying there then you could contact the community there:-
Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' Community - Contact a Community!
(there is a lot more to this website than the HUBB).

You can easily cover that distance in much less than 2-3 months, so you probably need to provide more detail about your routing. For this, there are other forums that are better for this purpose; I suggest that you do read into those others in here and see some of the relevant threads - such as "Europe", "Route Planning" and "Trip Paperwork". The latter for international insurance.

:welcome: by the way - I see this is your first post.

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