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mattoneill 20 Jan 2001 23:52

Trying to make programme about India by Enfield
Anyone who has done a lot of biking in India.. I would appreciate your ideas and comments about a programme proposal I have put on the web.
Please check out: http://www.skart.org/synopsis.htm

Also, if you have experience of filming in India, or maybe even you are a producer.. feel free to comment.

e: matt@skart.org

'If it happens, it must be possible!'

srinidhilv 20 Apr 2001 15:44

The proposal is good but you have not included the complete country. India stretches down south till Kanyakumari and masses of islands including Andamans & Lakshadweep.
If you need any local assistance I would be glad to help. If the project is still not executed.
e-mail : srinidhilv@hotmail.com

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