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Fantastic Mister Fox 4 Jun 2011 19:15

Travelin the world (Hopefully with the wife)
In a few years I hope to travel the world with my other and better half and at the moment she is very keen to come.

Now this is more than feasible in principle however unfortunately we have come accross to major problems with this:

She has recently been diagnosed as a Manifesting Carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which unfortunately means although she appears fit and healthy she doesn't have any where near the strengh that he she should. For example when recently attempting a CBT it was impossible for her to put a motorcycle on a centre stand so she couldn't complete the CBT. (this is the reason i have chosen to use my current trip to raise money for muscular dystrophys)

And as by product of this and other reasons she has been also diagnosed with clinical depression so finds the motivation to practice and exercise to build up strength in the not working muscles. She has be recieving treatment for this

I think a round the world trip will give her the possibility to live for herself for the first time in over a decade and sort out the depression.

Now I'm not kidding myself she needs to be in the right mind set to commit to a trip like this. But I'm struggling with how to help her get here on a bike which obviously has to be stage on in any project likes.

Has any one been through something similar and could maybe provide some advice or even help with getting her on 2 wheels.

chris 5 Jun 2011 12:01

This site might be of interest to you: The Ultimate Globe Ride


*Touring Ted* 5 Jun 2011 12:35

You're in a difficult situation but you have the right attitude of not giving up and looking at solutions rather than defeat..

Why not get a nice comfortable and low touring bike that she can sit on as a pillion and enjoy the ride rather than having to worry about riding etc..

Travel and riding is a great way to unwind and refresh yourself but it can also be one of the most stressful and depressing when you're outside of your comfort zone..

Keep your wife in her comfort zone.......

Why not go on a short Euro trip.. France & Spain ! Stay in comfortable but cheap hotels and have it all booked ahead. Make it a holiday and add adventure as she feels up to it.

I hope things pick up for the both of you...


travelfor4 5 Jun 2011 13:10

(sorry if this is a second copy - the first didn't seem to come through; log-on problems)

First, you have my sincere gratitude/respect for (i) attempting to keep up the dream, and (ii) attempting to keep up your wife's spirits.

Second, although i don't have direct experience, as the sister in law of a woman who has MS, I'd say the following:

(i) forget about plans for "a few years from now". Go now or as soon as possible - MS is very unpredictable, and what may be a healthy year now may not last. Take advantage of the healthy years to get out on the road

(ii) modify your plans to allow for an option that gives your wife the chance to go without relying on her own muscular strength. Either 4x4 or pillion/sidecar may work - just something that gives her the chance to enjoy the trip without stressing about the physical requirements it entails. MS is very up-and-down; some days are very good, and others are very bad. You don't want your wife abandoning the trip because of stresses about the "bad" days - what you want is to keep moving!

(iii) get in to a specialist early. There are some amazing new therapies that have great potential, but that need to be started right away. Keep in touch with that specialist as you're travelling

(iv) the psychology of your wife is vitally important both to the success of the trip, and her future health. There are some really incredible success stories (my sister in law was supposed to have been bed-ridden 2 years ago, but is still up and healthy through a combination of drugs, healthy psychosis and a very aggressive approach to exercise), but they take work. Getting on the road could be a *great* therapy as long as combined with sound medical advice!

All our best wishes,


*Touring Ted* 5 Jun 2011 13:37

Well yes, swapping for a 4x4 could be a VERY good idea...

Even a campervan !!

big ben 5 Jun 2011 14:02

i think ted is right ,small steps will progress to bigger and better things,been there with family before so know how you feel but never give up

McCrankpin 5 Jun 2011 19:21


These folks often have stands or stalls at motorbike events and rallies.
I've met one or two of them at such events and they, and the organisation, are very inspiring.

I'd strongly advise to arrange some way to go with your wife to one of their events, or an event where they'll have a stand, or even just where a group of them will attend.
Probably easy to find out through the website.
They do incredible things with sidecar outfits, and with solos as well.

I don't know, but I'd imagine you'd quickly meet riders doing the same as what you want to do.

All the best.

Two Moto Kiwis 9 Jun 2011 08:35

Great ideas from above, my hat is off to you mate.

The only thing I would add is simply do it before you can't.

We are at the stage of our biggy starting April 2012, my body is pretty shagged at 44, basically nearly every bone in my body has been broken including lower back and neck (Ti plates holding neck together).

To top it off I have been blessed with Ankylosing Spondilitis so I am nowhere near the strength of a dude my age.

We are doing our trip until we run out of money or get killed which ever comes first :thumbup1: .... hopefully not the later.:smartass:

My life will only get more difficult from here so game on I say, best wishes for you and you good lady, mind food for depression is best so get out and enjoy the world we live in.

It won't be easy but it will be rewarding, you will only regret the stuff you didn't do ... not the stuff you did.bier

Fantastic Mister Fox 10 Jun 2011 09:08

Thanks for your support guys.

We would both like to Go on bikes with the 4x4 an absoulute last resort but not totally off the table. Liz is intending to get her bike test done this year but like i said although she appears healthy she does't have the strength to put a bike on a centre stand (problem for CBT). We have bought an SR125 for her to practise onndown the lane at the back of the house.

Then next year do a comfortable trip around euorpe (she has relatives in Poland so that is the intended destination), I think when she passes a G650GS (or older F650 GS) is the right bike for her.

In 2 or three years go off around the world (I think due to her issues a 250 Serrow is the right bike for her, leight weight and low).

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