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geokobbi 14 Nov 2002 14:52

Shopping in Weisbaden, Germany
German overlanders

I am currently in Walluf, Germany, and heading to Weisbaden tomorrow (friday). I would like to visit some motorcycle shops. I am riding DR650 and going to Africa next year so I need all the the necesery gear.

Hope any of you can help me.



onlycookie 14 Nov 2002 16:31

Hi there!

First of all try the big three – they have almost everything and most of it to a reasonable price:

Louis – cheapest of all – good quality spare parts, clothing and the lot for your bike (but only in Mannheim – Sorry):
Adress: http://www.louis.de/_75_838273/filia...ale.php3?id=35

Hein-Gericke – more expensive, but good quality either:
Adress in Wiesbaden:
http://www.heingericke.de/shop2002/eurobike/eb_frameset.php?ses sionID=5245288ed55a4f122a664e42515ebe18@57816749

Last of all Polo, for my opinion the more fashy-motorcycle-and-stuff-dealer:
Adress in Wiesbaden: http://www.polo-motorrad.de/poloshop...php4?plz=65203

Anyhow – I do have a set of Alloy-Boxes with a carrier for a KLR 650 for sale – you might be able to get the carrier rewelded to suit the bike or just take the boxes.
You are very welcome to see the boxes or just stay for some days here (beautiful area for motorbiking – just a little chilly right now!) It’s around 100k’s south of Dortmund on the Autobahn 45 exit 16.

Other good options (new):
Try: http://www.berndtesch.de/

All German therefore all in reach.

Better options because USED:
http://www.endurobunker.de/teileversand.htm (Ring them – they’re very helpfull – I hope they speak enough English though – If you need assistance drop me a mail!!!)
Or http://www.teilweise-motorrad.de

Anyhow – If you want to stay a while at our house drop me an email – hope you have good luck!

Greetings Mel... The Cookie

P.S. I assume you meant Wiesbaden ;-)

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EarlT 24 Mar 2008 04:55

mailing Parts from Germany to USA
If I buy Parts for my Motorcycle in Germany,
and need to mail the parts to USA,

What company do I use?

25 kg to 40kg parts weight

if I buy a spare BMW engine,
what Company do I use to mail/ship the part?

Thank You


beddhist 24 Mar 2008 05:55

Shipping and posting from Germany is very expensive. I should think that anything you might need for a BMW is readily available in the US, so I suggest you try in your own country first.

Not sure how this topic relates to Suzuki... :)

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