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password 10 Aug 2006 16:31

RANT: whats wrong with bikers!
Please excuse the following rant: What’s happening to bikers? I was out riding today and I must have passed eight bikers and ,as I always do, gave them a wave. I was disgusted that only two responded! I remember a time when everyone used to acknowledge one another, and it was not that long ago either.

Also on my last trip I was having problems with the bike running lumpy so I pulled over on the motorway hard shoulder and began to try and find the cause (fuel filter as it happens) however a convoy of bikes passed and they could plainly see that I have broken down (seat off etc) not one stopped, I was astounded! I always stop when I see a bike at the side of the road and have given riders lifts out of my way or drained fuel out of my tank etc, what has changed in the last few years?

All the people I passed today were sports bikes or large tourer type bikes with the rider bedecked in pristine leathers and the latest lids etc (nothing wrong with that) I ride a 10 year old workhorse and I ride every day (and have done for the past 15 years doing 15000 miles a year minimum) to either commute of for pleasure.

I can only think that they somehow don’t want to be associated with a “dirty” biker I suppose they consider themselves a cut above. They all saw me and were not cranked over or doing anything other then going in a straight line, so why not wave or nod the head?

I know that manners are rapidly becoming a thing of rarity in this country but I never thought that motorcycling would become a two tiered socitity, looks like I was wrong.

I will carry on acknowledging fellow bikers (if you don’t consider yourself a “biker” please stop riding bikes) and I will carry on stopping for stranded bikes, even if the riders are dressed like a Power Ranger. If you see a slightly tatty GPZ ridden by a guy wearing a Belstaff wax jacket please be nice and give him a wave.

Rant over, Thank you - Greg

Matt Cartney 10 Aug 2006 19:23

Ah, it may just be localised. I was out today and passed about 12 bikers and every one of them waved or nodded. Although this is by no means the norm.

DavePortugal 10 Aug 2006 19:48

Could it be the 'born-again' factor in the UK?

Dodger 10 Aug 2006 20:27

I suspect that a lot of the "bikers" we see today on new machines and in pristine leathers are very new to biking and don't know about the biker wave .
They probably wouldn't know what to do in a breakdown situation anyway .
Maybe it's just an irrational fear of scruffy bikers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just keep waving that's what I do , they will get the message eventually .

BTW, why do N American motorcyclists wave with the hand and arm horizontal or even facing downwards ? That's always puzzled me .

Kevinb99 10 Aug 2006 21:32

Could this have anything to do with it????


CornishDeity 10 Aug 2006 21:47

Not that hard to figure out
I've just bought my first landy, and started getting waved at by say 30% of landys I meet. Its not that hard to figure out why!!!! And its great, always brings a smile to my face and makes me nearly run over any bikers as I desperately try to wave back :)

But it is great and I've started doing it too, although I'm still learning who to do it to ....... (clue nr one, not the military!)

BruceP 10 Aug 2006 22:32

Could just be they are concentrating on the road so much, they did not see you.

Stop worrying about it and ride

password 11 Aug 2006 12:21

Funny link Kevin I think this explains it LOL.

Dodger I believe that it is physically impossible to raise your hand any higher with 24 inch apehangers and your feet out by the front wheel, (only kidding Harley riders, most custom riders do wave and stop, even had a chop myself once)

It may be Born-again riders, the increase in this sort of behaviour does seem to coincide with the increase in bike sales over the past couple of years, I applaude anyone getting a bike and learning to ride, it’s the best feeling in the world (well almost!) but they should show a bit of respect to those they are beginning to share the road with, they may learn something, at the end of the day if someone said hello to you in the street you wouldn’t totally blank them, its ignorant and rude, so why do it on a bike?

Cornish, If I see a blue landy called Dino coming towards me I shall be wary!

Bruce, that’s a scary comment how can you concentrate so much you don’t see things?? You don’t drive a Volvo do you? (only pulling your leg!)

Now where did I put my pills? - Greg

Bill Ryder 11 Aug 2006 15:23

Non wavers
Perhaps the reason people don't wave is the same reason people don't put anything in their profiles or locations on their web site postings.

wyomex 12 Aug 2006 05:16

stoopid opinion
i don't wave sometimes cuzz i'm just the ornery type... other times because i am harboring romantic delusions of being such an independant loner.. (always thought it was funny to see riders en masse), other times because i KNOW i am superior to who ever is riding in my direction..also because i KNOW i ride a better bike..( or at least it has cooler stickers plastered on the panniers) etc etc etc..

but i always, always, always stop if it looks like a rider needs help....sometimes i actually do, help i mean. recently i stopped for two bikes on the shoulder between cuernavaca and mexico city.. one guys bike (sport bike) ,was damaged, said he had wiped out on gravel on a curve a few miles back.. now his tire was flat.. i let him use two canisters of co2 and he took off going about 90mph on a half inflated tire.. those mexican guys ride FAST .....

p.s. has anyone seen that guy on the k100rs near salt lake city that gives the S.S. STORMTROOPER HEIL HILTLER (stiff arm and all) salute?

Samy 12 Aug 2006 10:16

I see everybody is right here. But nobody answer the question: "what happened within last a few years":

We changed too much. Everybody is much more selfish then before.
By looking your bike many people may think you are a big shot or an ordinary, less earning man.
We started to not respect other people as it was before.
With the help of politics and papers we started to divide people to their origins, beliefs and life style. Humanity, what is that? Throw it away. We are important only. Who are we? The rich, stron, well clothed, having money in the pocket, white and riding an expensive bike.

I had an awful accident some years ago and nobody has been stopped to help. I could die because of blood loose. At last the man who hit me stopped in the middle of the road and stopped a car with force.

Humanity has to face with himself again. Where are we/I going?
What do I loose / earn by doing this way?

Sure I and many people here help any body on the road, wave them and so we are member of HUBB. Can't respect other behaving, fancy looking riders.

Everyone of us responsible from our own. So we must look ourselves first and do the right.


Matt Cartney 12 Aug 2006 12:29

I had a slider on the ice last year. Slid about 20 feet on my right side. The woman in the 4WD behind me just drove round me lying in the road. Didn't even look at me.
Don'tcha just love some people!

brclarke 12 Aug 2006 19:11

Big deal; so they didn't wave. Maybe they were thinking about work, had a fight with the wife/girlfriend/whatever, they were paying attention to the road instead of you, etc.

DavePortugal 12 Aug 2006 21:56


Originally Posted by brclarke
Big deal; so they didn't wave. Maybe they were thinking about work, had a fight with the wife/girlfriend/whatever, they were paying attention to the road instead of you, etc.

Waving is nice Bruce. I think biking in the UK has become very fragmented over the last 20 years or so, if you grew up on bikes in the 70's and 80's (and obviously before) riding a bike was enough to make you part of a homogenous group. Now it seems it's what you ride and wear that defines you as part of a group within a group and decides who waves to who and who might stop to help you. That's a bit of a shame I think. As a generalisation that hasn't happened in continental Europe where there seems to be more solidarity amongst the biking fraternity.

Everybody wave!

Matt Cartney 12 Aug 2006 22:52

I think what you say about europe is interesting as I find I get hardly any waves in Europe. These days, when over there, I don't bother waving till someone waves at me.
As to the 'fragmentation' of the biking community I'm not sure that is right. On my big traillie I get the same number of waves from all types of biker, except possibly a FEW more from other guys on the de riguer 'adv' bikes (GSs, Tigers, V-Stroms etc.) especially when I have me boxes on! ;)
Among sports bike/cruiser/road tourer the response is similar.
I have also found round these parts, that while most bikers will pass a stranded biker, a critical few will always slow/stop to see if you are OK.
Waving is more prevelant in the North too, in my experience.

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