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whynotwander 7 Aug 2005 09:00

Possiblity of finding work abroad?
In planning to travel around the world, by motorcycle or otherwise I wonder if it is possible to find work if one gets stuck somewhere. I am a machinist/welder. I am sure that there is greater demand for such serviced depending on location. Does anyone have any expreience in finding work in various places. On top of finding work there must be legal considerations too.


davidmc 7 Aug 2005 16:52

Well, IMHO, if you are in a developing country and "get stuck", taking work rarely makes sense as wages tend to be way too low to make it worthwhile. Even teaching English, you won't make anywhere close to the money you can make in the USA.

Maybe you could get by in Western Europe, Australia or NZ, but even then you may need to work illegally as work permits usually take time.

Otherwise the only real way to make money in developing countries is to work as a specialist (ie, a position where there are no locals to fill the job) for a multi-national company and this would take planning and coordination well in advance.

I think its best to go into debt as needed and repay your debts with the higher wages you will make back home after the trip. Unless you don't plan on returning home!


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DaveSmith 8 Aug 2005 12:25

In lots of countries, it's hard to get a work visa if you're over 30. Just something to know.

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mattmbishop 8 Aug 2005 14:29

As long as you were planning to stay in one country for more than six months I'd say it was possible. In fact that's my plan. I'm not sure about the states, but NZ has working holiday visas with other countries that means I'll be able to work up to 9 months in some places (Peru, Argentina and Canada in the Americas).

There's heaps of conditions on these visas though, I can't work at one company for more than three months and the 30 year age limit that Dave mentioned applies. For Argentina I have to submit a full medical exam with the visa application.

The situation for NZ is probably pretty good considering your trade. There's a lack of qualified tradesmen in NZ at the moment. The embassay websites are good places for more info.

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