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Wheelie 31 Oct 2005 15:40

Panniers + Top Case from army surplus
I find that the aluminum and other hard side panniers and top cases are too expensive for my taste. Security is a concern for me. I would very much like storage which can be locked and not being able to be cut into by a knife. Also, I must be able to both lock it to my ride as well as be able to detach it fairly easy.

I am looking for something I can use on my vintage Vespa, one top case on the rear rack, and one on the front leg shield rack. There is no room for side panniers on the Vespa because of the side cowels.

I was thinking I could use something like army shipping containers, ammo cases or army medical transport chests. These come in virtually all shapes and sizes, of different materials (aluminum, steel, plastic and wood). They are sturdy, water proof and can often be locked (or easily modified to be locked). I figured, if they are strong enough for war, being dropped out of airplanes and such, it could hold up fairly well to the abuses of motorcycle adventures. I have also seen panniers made of plastic Jerry Cans...

I have however read that the steel ammocases are a bit heavy (maybe 18 pounds a piece). I have no idea how much the aluminum chests weigh. Nor do I know how much regular panniers from touratech, etc weigh, so I really can't compare.

It would be great if we could find a viable pannier and top case solution that involved army surplus gear... it would be dirt cheap.

Any comments to this would be greatly appreciated.


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