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dcstrom 26 Jun 2012 21:46

one trip, 2 bikes, buying the second one in Sth Africa
I'll be off to Sth America on the 1200 Super Tenere later this year. Great bike, should be pretty good for most of the trip to Buenos Aires.

After that, I'd like to see Africa - which can be done on the Super Tenere but on some of those roads, sometimes it will be too big to be much fun. Also carnet will be expensive. I'm thinking, what if I ship the Super Tenere to the UK from Buenos Aires, fly myself to Sth Africa, and buy a cheap enduro there? Then ride it to the UK to meet up with the Super Tenere?

Then I can either sell or part out (or give away) the enduro, and do the remainder of the trip on the Super Tenere. That way I get the best of both the small bike/big bike worlds.

I know there are some logistical issues (like, where to store the bike in the UK while I'm making my way up through Africa), but does anyone see any reason why this couldn't be made to work?


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