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ryan_8700 14 May 2012 17:34

Motorcycle Insurance Help!
Hey there everyone, this summer (June-Oct), I will be leaving on a tour through North, Central, and South America. Everything is falling into place, my website is up and running (awayandfarremoved.com), and I have the funds now to make this trip a reality.

The only problem now, is that I can't purchase motorcycle insurance because I AM TOO YOUNG?! Seriously, Anyone under the age of 25 (I am currently 22 years old), is void from purchasing motorcycle insurance and now, I have no idea how to do this trip. Can I purchase insurance in each country? Is it expensive? Does anyone have any advice for how I can make this trip work? I am running out of time and don't know what to do...


Grant Johnson 15 May 2012 02:23

Question: what do you mean by "motorcycle insurance"?

For the bike - crash and burn it - or if you hit someone with it?
In other words, Collision Damage/Comprehensive/All Perils OR Public Liability.

In many countries in South / Central America you CAN'T BUY collision or theft insurance for the motorcycle, or if you can you can't afford it. All travellers are "self-insured" for the bike itself in most countries. (Now you know why many ride cheap bikes!)

VERY important - note that this is DIFFERENT from the REQUIRED liability insurance in many countries. When it's required in many small countries south, they'll sell it to you at the border, usually $30 or something like that. It may be worthless, but you have to buy it. Some countries like the USA and Canada and all of Europe and Australia and more won't ask - but you MUST have it.

Liability Insurance: I assume you can buy liability insurance? If not, get it in the next state! And make it for a short time because once you leave the USA and Canada, it's not valid anyway. Just be SURE to have organized to reinstate it before you hit the border on your return.

hope that helps!

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