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alfred 6 Apr 2008 04:06

indonesia & big bike
Hi, anybody out there knows if I can get my XT600 through Indonesia.
Am planning an Overland from Holland to Australia
Heard that one can't get a bigger bike in and ride it in Indonesia.
Has anybody done this?
Please reply!
Check my site Ride-Out
Greetings, Alfred.

Dingo 6 Apr 2008 05:48

Think so
Hi Alfred,

I don't think that you will have any problems if your on a Carnet. I live in Bali and there are a lot of big bikes there but they don't have any papers and the guy in a local bike shop there is in with the police so he is able to get them in. Only problem is, is that you can't take them off of Bali.

But if your riding through, you should be able to get it in and travel through. Remember to get yourself a visa before arrival though, they won't allow the Dutch to get a visa at the border. I am planning to bring a 1200GS in as well on a Carnet in the next few months.

Anyway good luck and I may run into you some there?


alfred 7 Apr 2008 03:49

Indonesia & big bikes
Hello Ivan, great to hear from you.
So what you are saying is that travelling through Indonesia on a Carnet is do able on a big bike.
Also it's better to get my visa in holland instead of at the border.
Sounds okay, might you have any furter info on shipments from Dili to Darwin?
Could meet on Bali and have a cold one.
Cheers, Alfred.

Osama Radzi 8 Apr 2008 03:00

yes its do able
many have done-it! check older threads. a rider frm finland Pecha72 on the Hubb just done it last month. he shipped the bike from Penang to Indonesia. I have contacts in Penang, and also a cousin that works in wharf, hes met many many rider!
Just make sure you have all the documents needed!

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