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dajg 3 Oct 2011 10:37

having fun in the snow...
anyone have good tips for travelling in snow? i.e. heaters, ground mats, thermos, tyre studs, good clothes etc.??? looks like i'll be riding snow / cold for a couple of months (north america over xmas).

thanks in advance

Threewheelbonnie 3 Oct 2011 12:29

A huge subject. A few thoughts here though https://sites.google.com/site/threew...ie/cold-places

The main thing is not to think entirely about technology (A good breakfast and stoping for a hot drink is worth far more than an electrically heated jock strap and the TT catalogue doesn't even burn well), remember things will be much slower and if in doubt get indoors before you really hit temperatures below your abilities.


othalan 4 Oct 2011 05:30

As the previous poster noted, a hot meal and a hot drink do a lot more to keep you warm and happy than the best gear in the world. If I am going to be in the cold all day I always eat significantly more than normal and eat frequently. Always keep your bladder empty, a full bladder is a cold bladder! This is doubly true at night!

Everything below is minor in comparison to the above....

Always keep your feet, neck, and head warm! Even if they do not feel cold, put a layer around each anyways and you will stay warmer longer!

When riding, stop 100% of the wind and do it away from your skin. This is far more important than any heated gear or insulation. Winter gloves are NOT sufficient for this, add a rubber over-glove! I recommend rain-off gloves because they combine fingers into 3/1 or 2/2 mittens for extra warmth. Do not underestimate the power of heated grips, I can be comfortable far below freezing with heated grips as my only heated gear.

Get a good down sleeping bag and a silk liner. Do not skimp, expensive bags are worth the cost if you are in cold temperatures. Remember the standard wisdom of dressing in layers when outdoors still applies. The tent with its fly are your first two layers. Your bag and silk liner are the next two. Keep all of these as small as possible to do the job and you will stay a lot warmer. You will be warmer in a ditch in the snow with a tarp than in an over-sized tent!

Get an Exped Downmat for beneath you. Best pad ever.

Wear a warm hat at night. Wear warm socks at night.

Always have a set of chemical hand-warmers just in case. Spend enough time in the cold and you will need them sooner or later.

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