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Kennichi 3 Jan 2010 22:51

Has anybody heard of a swiss rider called Lilly?
Does anybody know who this rider is and what happened to them?

In Mongolia I met a woman biker called Lilly on a transalp I forget the cc, but she was from Switzerland, she was waiting for her dad to fly in and ride 2 up with her to exit via the Altai Region.

Her bike was massively loaded with 4 steel panniers, 3 roll bags and 2 ruck sacks, and she had been on the road for the past 2 years having travelled from the US to Japan to Mongolia. She went off to stay at the Oasis cafe for a couple of weeks after I left Mongolia.

Other thoughts:

She drank enourmous amounts of lemon tea, powdered stuff.

Was a strict vegan.

She carried with her a full sized Hookah.

I'm curious as to what happened to her.

The transalp had no 1st gear.

She also crossed paths with the German Bavarian bikers Andi and wingman.

This trip was her 3rd time round the world

Anybody any ideas as to who this was?..... as said I'm curious as to what happened to her.

asfintesco 9 Jan 2010 16:48

Yes I did
Hey, what a funny coincidence. I just signed up for the HUBB 30 minutes ago and one of the first things I read is your question. Well, I did meet Lilly while she was in Mongolia at the Oasis Guesthouse. As far as I know she spent quite some time in Pakistan on her travel. She was in Ulaanbataar together with her dad who had travelled together with her some time. I remember she smoked the water pipe every night before sleping. But I have no more information about her than that. Maybe they know more about her in the Oasis Guesthouse?

Good luck with your search!

Kennichi 10 Jan 2010 13:11

I emailed Sybelle of Oasis and she said she is in Austria for another 2 months she says when she gets back she has her contact details!.

Phew and here was I thinking that she was just a figment of me imagination, though Tanya of The Baikal Ethnic Hostel Ulan Ude saw her as well.

But thanks for your insight!,

goga 7 Jun 2011 12:14

I saw Lilly in end of June 2009 on Ulan-Ede - Omsk way. She felt OK. But further no information.

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