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Alexlebrit 6 Jun 2008 09:07

Half Safe
One of the great journeys that's always filled me with a certain amount of envy is that of Half Safe:

A modifled amphibious jeep which circumnavigated the globe over land and sea in the 50's including corrsing both the Atlantic from Halifax to Africa and the Pacific from Japan to Anchorage.

But there's not a lot of info on the web about it and the book:

Is long out of print, but I'm wondering has anyone on here heard of this, or knows more, or perhaps know where I can get the book?

Oddly Half Safe now resides at the Guildford Grammar School in Australia, and I went the the Guildford Grammar School in England, but that's by the by.

Anyone fancy recreating the trip?

Sime66 6 Jun 2008 10:51


Have a look here -

Amazon.com: Used and New: Half-Safe; across the Atlantic in an amphibious jeep

Not cheap but there seem to still be a few copies!

Mandarax 6 Jun 2008 13:47

Try AbeBooks.com: AbeBooks: Search Results - half safe

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