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Sun Chaser 11 Mar 2011 13:46

First 'round the world adventurer - Clancy
Grant Johnson wrote: "There's a little controversy on who was first, but to the best of my knowledge it was Carl 'Stearns' Clancy - he started the trip with his buddy Walter Storey. They were both on Henderson's. 1913-1914."

You're right Grant. Clancy and Storey started on their attempt to be the first to circumnavigate the globe on Henderson motorcycles, two of the five 1912 motorcycles the company produced that year. One gear, a whopping 7 HP, and four cylinders, inline. Clancy soldiered on alone after Storey returned to the USA from Paris.

It took 16 years to fact check the incredible adventure of Clancy. He was 22 years old and on the road around the globe, alone, after Paris. Clancy had quite an adventure, one that many of us yearn for today. However, 100 years later the world is a far different place and we can only look at his accomplishment and lust for what he experienced.

The first 'round the world circumnavigation by Carl Stearns Clancy from 1912 into 1913 paved the way for many of us to follow. For a "free taste" of how Clancy saw the world as the first 'rtw motorcycle adventurer, and some photographs, Girdling the Globe: The First 'Round the World Motorcycle Adventure | Accelerate Online - Official Publication of Riders of Kawasaki has the first media article we have released other than to annouce that a book was now available.

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