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Travellers' questions that don't fit anywhere else This is an opportunity to ask any question, and post any notice you wish that doesn't fit into one of the other sections.
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Old 8 Dec 2005
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When I was 23 I was stuck in a remote wadi in my old Land Rover, met a german woman that passed Sinai riding a Yamaha on here way around the world. I spent great 3 days and nights with her, she went on. She left with me a german book on motorcycling trips. pics were great but I did not understand a word. so I found Ted Simon's Jupiter, and that was the start. sold my sport bike got an old R80GS and all the rest is history. (and yes, I met Martha a year later in germany).
I am in an endless preparations for my RTW trip. thank God (and Suzane and Grant) for this website, that keeps on inspiring my romance with adventure motocycling.
My ride from Dead horse to Ushuaia 2009 is at
It's in hebrew but lots of pics and some translation

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Old 9 Dec 2005
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For us it was Susan and Grant giving a presentation at the BMW gathering in Montana in 1998. It was hot and crowded in the shed that the presentation was given but we didn't care. We were enthralled. That evening Helge Pederson gave a multi-media slideshow of his 10 years on 2 wheels. Even more inspiration!

We rode home but couldn't shake this vision of travelling around the world. Somehow we couldn't envision ourselves selling everything and making a giant committment to this trip though. A little while later we discovered that both of our respective employers offered self-funded leave of absence programs. Three years of saving later we embarked on a year-long journey through Europe and North Africa. Now we're planning our RTW for 2007 with another leave of absence.

Now, back to work and saving for the next journey!

Ekke Kok
Redwood Meadows, AB
'89 R100GS
'03 R1150GS Adventure
Ekke Kok

'84 R100RT 141,000 km (Dad's!)
'89 R100GS 250,000 km (and ready for another continent)
'07 R1200GS Adventure 100,000 km (just finished Circumnavigating Asia)

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Old 3 Feb 2006
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I was actually thinking about doing the classic Africa overland in a Landrover. When researching that, I found people that had done it on bikes. At first I thought it was just one or two nutters, but the more folks I read about the more I became convinced that's what I would do.

Two years later I have got rid of my SIIA landy, bought a bike and in July I'm off to Aussie and then South America.
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Old 4 Feb 2006
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You mean it wasn't Ewan and Charlie on the telly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landy 101 ambie/camper
1968 morris minor traveller
1990 Landcruiser H60. Full rebuild completed 2014
2012 Hilux, mountain top and bedrug with GG AT2s
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Old 4 Feb 2006
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I regret selling my old Suzuki DR 250 enduro years ago. Last year, I found Greg Frazier's writings on the internet detailing his trips around the world, and fantasized about trying something similar. (His writings were linked to HU) However, I figured I could use my local geography to my advantage, and I will make my trips on a much smaller scale, on a 200cc Zongshen enduro, taking day and weekend trips to Mexico and around Arizona. Greg Frazier's writings, however, will keep me wishing for an out of the way trip to Thailand or Vietnam...
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Old 6 Feb 2006
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Long before I was into motorbikes, i was back packing through parts of the Middle East. In Dahab on the coast of the Red Sea i chanced upon a guy who was on the first leg of a round the world trip on his custom built Rotax engined bike. I only talked to him briefly and didn't catch his name, but in retrospect it seems clear that it was Simon Milward.
Unfortunately Simon was killed in an accident and will never receive my thanks for planting the seed that germinated into my own transcontinental trip.
Cheers Simon,
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Old 7 Feb 2006
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I think my first taste for travel started back when i was about 6 years old,back in the seventies.
we arrived in majorca and i just remember waiting outside the airport for the coach, sitting on a suitcase and feeling a hot sun that i never felt before,and watched people that looked so different and spoke in sounds that i never heard before,it just blew my mind and i loved it!
I think my fisrt inspiration for bike travel was when i was about 13,i was in malaga/southern spain and seeing all these guys on offroad motorbikes ,10 maybe 15 of them,some yamaha tenere's i think?
They stopped at our hotel for the night,then moved on the next day!
it was just such an amazing sight and sound!

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Old 7 Feb 2006
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It was on the road to Damascus.......
We returned from a month backpacking in india in oct 04 and i just felt sooo out of place and depressed.. lifes too short...Why are we here...Whats it all about...Sod this i want to get out of here... and then it happened, why not pack the truck throw the dogs in the back rent the house and get the flock out of here.
14 months later and we are off for at least a year in April and i cant bloody wait.

so stop dreaming and making excusses
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Old 8 Feb 2006
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I was never a big fan of travelling until the last year or 2. For most of my life my travelling was limited, and could not justify 'world' travel thinking that Monday morning I will return to my corporate job behind a desk.

I began riding late in life (and what is late anyway??), at 40. I purchased a cruiser and for 2 years I was content riding with a group of buddies on weekends - to the same places! But I enjoyed riding anytime and anywhere nonetheless.

While surfing I landed on the Paris-Dakar web site. WOW....THIS was far more interesting than the type of riding I was doing to that point.

Clicking away, I found 2 web sites and 2 books that sparked the M/C travel bug in me.

In no particular order:
Ted Simon - Jupiter's Travels
Helge Petersen - 10 years/2 wheels
Chris Scott (AMH) - have 3 of his books
Susan & Grant Johnson (HU)

Thanks to their inspiration, and the HU community, I have planned a cross-Canada trip this summer (funny...if you start and end at home, you cover the country twice!) that will carry us (wife too) across the country and back, via 2 different routes.

I am planning a trip for 2007 through the US, Baja and Central America.

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Old 22 Feb 2006
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Rode all over Europe on my Honda C50 between the age of 16 and 18. Then a more practical Peugeot 205 got into the picture, but not for long. Pretty soon I was back on the solo seat of a Super Cub, a C70 this time. The first really big trip took a long time coming though...

It happened in November 2003. Me and some mates were having dinner, complaining about our jobs, boring girlfriends, life in general. Then one of my friends said: Let´s take a trip on the Honda´s, it will just be like the good old days! I said ok, but only if we are driving the Panamericana. Turned out better than the good old days, more fun and more adventure.

Only problem is: Once you start you can´t stop. Northcape - Southcape on the Cub is up next.

Have fun riding and remember:

"You meet the nicest people on a Honda".


Everytime people see me it´s a KODAK moment!

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Everytime people see me it´s a KODAK moment!
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Old 22 Feb 2006
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This enough inspiration for you?

Don´t sit around, ride and have fun!

Everytime people see me it´s a KODAK moment!
Everytime people see me it´s a KODAK moment!
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Old 23 Feb 2006
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For me it also was Ted Simon, but I find myself alone at this stage in that it was "Travelling On" (now called "Riding High") that I read first and got me going. I already was a keen rider, having learnt to ride at 7 years old on my father's CT90 Honda which I rode regularly on the farm. Later I bought "Jupiter's Travels" and another of his books. When I found that he was repeating his trip, I emailed him. He told me he would not be in NZ as it wasn't on his first trip, but about a year later he emailed me saying that Air NZ had given him free tickets and was my offer of a place to stay still open. Was it! How many would pass up the chance to meet their inspiration? He stayed for three days, and was even more of an inspiration. I was inducted into the hallowed ranks of "Friends of Ted" and he invited me to his home-coming party in California (which, alas, I couldn't attend). I have to say that of course there are very many people so honoured but still.... A very good friend of mine, Tom Walsh from Ireland, met him while he was staying with me. When Ted asked him if he had read any of his books other than "Jupiter Travels", Tom said "No and I am never going to. I read just one and it ended up making ride my bike to the furtherest place from home. What would happen if I read another one of your books?"!! Tom was managing chef at one of the best restaurants in Christchurch, and when Ted and I turned up, we found there was a special table set up, with the usual menu and a special menu just for Ted and I, a bottle of the best wine in the house, and a room full of important people including 2 government MPs staring and wondering. It was truely the best meal I have ever eaten. Thanks Tom!


Nigel in NZ

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read but a page"- St Augustine
The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with . -- 2200 BC Egyptian inscription
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Old 5 Jun 2006
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Originally Posted by Matt Cartney
Hi folks,
I'm bored and should be working.
However, before I jack it in for the day and go to the post office to collect my new Touratech racks (you can't see it but I'm rubbing my hands with glee at the anticipation!) I thought I'd ask you all a question:
Is there one definative moment you look back on that inspired you to do the big trip on a bike? That first realisation that THIS was what you wanted to do?

For me it was India 1992. Backpacking round with a buddy. This grizzled looking German guy turned up at our Hotel in Udaipur on a Honda dirt bike caked in dust and mounted with two battered ammo boxes. He'd come overland from Germany through Iran and Pakistan. I thought "This is the coolest thing I've ever heard of!" It took years and a reminder in the shape of seeing the cover of 'Desert Biking' in Waterstons a few years later but I'm finally doing it!

I'd love to hear what/who inspired other folk, if only to kill more time when I'm meant to be working!

Hi, my first "big Tour" was around tropical India in 2004 with a crowd called classicbikeindia.com.
One of the road mechanics was called Werner, tall guy ,mid 30's.
He told us how he brought an old German army wagon overland from Germany to India. You could probably contact him through the web site as I had the feeling he was pretty settled there.
Same guy????
Safe Biking - wherever
"Crashing's just proof that you're trying"
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Old 6 Jun 2006
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Hmmmm intersting question? i have always been interested in the ancient explorers and the courage they must have had to do what they did in there time. They were exploring the unkown and had very primitive technology, but they had the balls to carry the conviction of there beliefs.

In 1985 i bought a Harley, my first 'real' bike and rode to Cyprus and back, because thats where my folks are from. I thought i was doing something special, but i met a lot of bikers on the way and i realised what i was doing was a stroll in the park to them.

In 2001 i started fighting a divorce case for the next 18 months, In 2002 i went and bought a brand new Ninja and road around Spain to Gibralter and back. In 2003 divorce case was over. I was completly cut up and drained emotionaly, i took a 'normal' holiday with the lads I enjoyed it at the time but something was missing.

I sunk into depression and i just wanted to run away. In 2004 i decided it was sh#t or bust time. I decided take on something bigger than myself and rode the Scandanavian countries & Finland Russia Estonia and back through europe and home, about two weeks before i left for that trip i stumbled on the Horizons web site whilst looking for information about Russia and found more 'normal people' like myself. By coincidence it was the same year that Ewan & the long way round had been filmed. Though i did not know it at the time.

I was given the LWR DVD when i got back and the book, and it was then after watching the DVD i decided i wanted to do an RTW. Last year i bought an AT, i rode the Nordcap then back through Finland the Baltic states and Poland. Each trip prepares me a little bit more and gives me more experiance.

I am planning for a 2012 RTW trip, why 2012 My property is not far from the 2012 Olympic stadium and i want to maximise my profit from the property seculators, get the money back my ex legally stole off of me. I am on a motorcycle maintenence course at the moment and will start Russian and Spanish languages next year. I also gotta wait for my cats, who i have had since kittens, to pass on to that great cattery in the sky. There nineteen and twenty one years old so there not gonna last much longer. I could not bare to pass them onto anyone.

So the short answer is. Interest in ancient explorers. Divorce. & ......Ewan i'm afraid )

Maverick bubble
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Old 6 Jun 2006
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like so many fantastic ideas it started with two drunk friends talking shit...
My good friend Dom had heard a piece on the Radio about the Enfield Factory in Chennai, India, and said 'hey man - we should go out there, pick up some cheap Enfields and ride them back to the UK'. Enough said. A week of sat in the office crunching numbers and the idea was forged in iron will. Having absolutely no concept of my own limitations I wasn't going to let a total lack of experience put me off, so I did a DAS course, bought a ridiculous Italian machine and set off.. Unfortunately my friend couldn't get the cash together so I went on my own, but inmany many ways this has made the trip more memorable, and dare I say it even more enjoyable
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