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Riq 5 Sep 2006 23:35

Does the Passenger hang on or not
I had a rear tire blow out on me yesterday at 120 km/h on the trans canada highway. While everything turned out okay it must have worried my wife as she asked me the following.

If we are going to come off the bike at speed should she hang on to me or float free for herself.

My first thought is that if she hangs on to me I could end up crushing her. (considerable size difference). Also I'm not totaly sure she could hang on that tight.

Has anyone any though on this?


Lone Rider 6 Sep 2006 00:40

Your first thought is a good one.
If it ever happens at speed, you won't even be able to think about it - you'll just be thrown away.
A lowside is different, but you still want to separate yourself from any other mass.

Flat rear, off throttle, some front brake, weight transfers to front.
Flat front, off throttle, good rear brake, wash out panties....:)

Frank Warner 6 Sep 2006 02:35


Originally Posted by Riq
If we are going to come off the bike at speed should she hang on to me or float free for herself.

Usually things just happen.

Like a mother holding a baby in a car that has an accident - the baby is let go despite the mother 'holding it'...

Or if your travelling solo and fall off .. do you hold onto the bike or seperate? What happens, happens.

It is what happens afterwards that is important. Have you both done a good first aid course within the last 3 years?

Riq 6 Sep 2006 13:47

Thanks guy's that's pretty much what I thought.

Frank, we both teach first aid and cpr so we should hopefully be covered on that point provided we are in any condition to administer.


rio_perros 28 Sep 2006 00:15

Clutching Passenger
Hello fellow hubbers, Passengers that ride with me should hang on to my waist, because is it cosier/warmer, and in the event of a spill another body/bike in front would help protect my passenger. Cheers all rio_perros:biggrin:

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